Industrial designer Called “the maker of good things” Eva Zeisel

Eva Zeisel Town and Country Salt and Pepper shakers

Eva Zeisel (Nov 1906-Dec 2011), called a “maker of good things”, was an American industrial designer known for her work with ceramics. Her designs are often abstractions of the natural world and human relationships.  These Red Wing Town and Country Salt and Pepper shakers show her creativity.

Eva Zeisel Coffee Table

Her elegant, eccentric designs in the 1940s and ‘50s helped to revolutionize the way Americans decorate their homes.

This Vase is an example of how Eva’s designs are objects both beauty and usefulness.

About Zeisel, art critic Jed Perl wrote, “There are elements of the magician, the poet, and the joker in everything that Eva Zeisel does.

Eva Zeisel Bellybutton Space Dividers

Jed Perl Continues, Seeing her objects next to one another, I know that stories are unfolding. Zeisel is a philosopher of the tabletop; she imagines all the relationships that can develop in a community of forms.”


After taking a hiatus throughout the 60s and 70s, Zeisel went back to work in the 80s and didn’t stop. Her design work expanded to include rugs, housewares, and furniture, like this lounge chair.