Harry Bertoia | Diamonds are Forever…

Harry Bertoia, was an Italian-born artist, sound art sculptor, and modern furniture designer.
Harry Bertoia Diamond Chair

The Harry Bertoia diamond chair has become one of the most pop types of seating added to living rooms around the country.

Harry Bertoia Spray Sculpture

Graceful long stainless steel wires gathered into a thick stainless steel 6” square base, wires delicately draping outwards forming a tall spray effect.  This is a wonderful piece of art.

A wonderfully abstract and a maquette of the “Comet”, an important work of monumental scale done for the W. Hawkins Ferry house.  It is unique with its turns of complexity.

Harry Bertoia Byrd Chair

Bertoia shows his freedom at work on whatever suited him, and a perfect example is in this called the “Bird Chair”.

His designs have eccentricity and are substantially more eye-catching or compelling than market-produced projects. This is the Spider table from Italy, 1950s.

This elegant decor is made from gild stainless and brass with a slate base that keep the realistic look of the Dandelions. And if I may say so…one of our favorites!