Danish Furniture Designer Poul Volther

Poul Volther was a Danish furniture designer who is remembered above all for his iconic Corona Chair.

Poul Volther Corona-chair

The Corona Chair: one of the most recognizable designs of the twentieth century, still both chic and comfortable. An excellent example from the original production run.

Poul Volther Modern Oak Daybed

Handsome Danish Modern Oak Daybed by Poul Volther. Features slatted oak frame and newly upholstered cushion.

This chair is proof of Volther’s belief in avoiding short-lived trends, and instead sticking to clean, timeless designs. This rocking chair will look as relevant today in your home as it did some years ago across Danish homes.

This chair, designed in 1961, takes its inspiration from the Amercian Shaker movement and is a more minimalistic version of Volther’s previous J46 design for FDB. The highlight of the piece would have to be the tapered seat back which is constructed from solid teak and gives the piece an almost Asian feel. The tapered legs and spindles add to the piece’s modern flare. The teak is very active with a very pronounced grain.

This chair was his most successful design for FDB. The first thing you notice is the wonderful ladderback style backrest, a form that can also be seen in his Corona chair and his earlier rare Pyramid chair.

Poul Volther Pyramid chair

This is the infamous Poul Volther Pyramid chair that is rare in its kind.