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Craig Ellwood Homes for Sale | Although legendary Los Angeles modernist Craig Ellwood (1922-1992), was never formally trained as an architect, he was educated in structural engineering at UCLA and had a natural brilliance for architecture and design.

Ellwood is considered to be among the most celebrated creators of the Mid-Century Modern movement, ambition, talent and a carefully orchestrated public persona, made him a perfect fit with the Southern California lifestyle. Like many of his colleagues, Ellwood made a name for himself in Los Angeles during the 1940s. His career hit a turning point after meeting Charles and Ray Eames and John Entenza, curator of the famed post-war Case Study House program. Ellwood was invited by Entenza to participate in the famed program, designing Case Study Houses (#16, #17 and #18, sadly only #16 remains today). Influenced by the International Style, Ellwood designed homes with a pared-down simplicity – moving from wood in the early part of his career to a highly rational design of steel construction, frameless floor-to-ceiling glass and concrete, building both single and multi-family structures. If you are looking for a special architectural property contact Beyond Shelter. We are happy to help you find current and off-market Craig Ellwood homes for sale.



Pasadena Craig Ellwood Home - Kubly House

First time on the market, The Kubly House, 1965. This rare Pasadena Craig Ellwood home is the epitome of mid century modern design. Ellwood was known for his detailed minimalist buildings and larger-than-life personality. Don and Sally Kubly were intrigued by all Ellwood had to offer and commissioned him to design a home for their growing family. While many of the architects’ projects utilized steel construction, Ellwood chose to utilize wood on this project. The glass-walled box boasts classic post and beam construction while providing a uniquely visceral experience.

Pasadena Craig Ellwood Home. Living room of the Kubly House

The horizontal oriented pavilion-style residence rises out of a grove of grand old eucalyptus trees. The lush verdant landscape provides both shade and privacy for the property. A classic mid century design incorporating storage and a functional fireplace becomes the focal point for the living room.

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Craig Ellwood Brentwood
Mid Century Modern Home

Views from Craig Ellwood Brentwood Mid Century Modern Home

Craig Ellwood Brentwood Mid Century Modern Home, The Johnson Residence, 1953. This iconic residence stands as a testament to modernization without diminishment or compromise of the original design. Wood beams stretch across the ceiling to meet walls of glass, creating a timeless aesthetic – a staple of Ellwood’s modernism.

New terrazzo flooring and kitchen accompany the classic dining area. The floating wooden bench pairs perfectly with the wooden beams above bringing focus to the distinctive beauty of natural wood.

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The Smith House – Craig Ellwood
Brentwood Mid Century Modern

Craig Ellwood Brentwood Mid Century Modern | The Smith House

The Smith House – Craig Ellwood Brentwood Mid Century Modern. Originally completed in 1958, and now meticulously restored under the direction of James Tyler, Ellwood Associate, The Smith House continues to be a beacon in showcasing mid-century modern architecture.

Craig Ellwood Brentwood Mid Century Modern

Widely published, including in the Arts & Architecture magazine, the house’s impact is described by Architectural Review as follows:

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The Moore House, 1964
by Noted Mid Century Modern Architect Craig Ellwood

The Moore House by Mid Century Modern Architect Craig Ellwood

The Moore House, 1964, by iconic Mid Century Modern architect Craig Ellwood.

Home by Mid Century Modern Architect Craig Ellwood

This world-class design employs the cleanest of modern architecture with remarkable city and ocean views.

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