Scandinavian Meets Japanese In This Designer Done Echo Park Home

Designer Done Echo Park Home  by Scandinavian and Japanese design.

A beautifully curated residence influenced by Scandinavian and Japanese design, this Designer Done Echo Park home by ALLPRACE becomes more than a home – it offers an experience, a feeling, a work of art.

Natural light floods in this Designer Done Echo Park Home.

A bright sunroom sits just beside the airy living area. Natural light floods in through the walls of glass and into the living space, accentuating the beautiful simplicity of the design. The fireplace features a subdued grey exterior and a subtle texturized Herringbone pattern interior, encompassing elements of minimalist design found throughout.

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Danish Furniture Designer Poul Volther

Poul Volther was a Danish furniture designer who is remembered above all for his iconic Corona Chair.

Poul Volther Corona-chair

The Corona Chair: one of the most recognizable designs of the twentieth century, still both chic and comfortable. An excellent example from the original production run.

Poul Volther Modern Oak Daybed

Handsome Danish Modern Oak Daybed by Poul Volther. Features slatted oak frame and newly upholstered cushion.

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Finn Juhl | Self-taught furniture designer masterpieces

Finn Juhl Credenza

Finn Juhl (1912-1989) was the first Danish furniture to be recognized internationally.  The trained architect and self-taught furniture designer drew the inspiration for his Finn Juhl Credenza (1955) from the cubist movement and Goether’s color wheel, reflected in the piece’s simple geometric shapes and interlocking planes and its sliding doors and six trays finished in varying shades of blue lacquer.

Finn Juhl Sofa

Wonderful sofa in yellow woolen fabric manufactured by bovirke in 1954.

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