The Alexander House by architect John Lautner built in 1951

The Alexander House by architect John Lautner, 1951. This refined home exemplifies Lautner’s innovative mid century modern ranch style design and is the only known house built by the architect in the city of Long Beach. This rare offering captures the beauty of the architect’s early design oeuvre, showcasing his use of organic, textural materials and indoor-outdoor lifestyle. The dramatic entry with a cantilevered overhang and welcoming greenery set the tone for the architectural beauty that lives inside.

Floor-to-ceiling glass and vaulted beamed ceilings celebrate the open plan living environment of the living room, dining room, kitchen and den. Lautner’s mentor, Frank Lloyd Wright, inspired the architect’s penchant for bringing nature in throughout the property. Original brick flooring and an indoor garden with walkway maintain Lautner’s architectural vision.