Ray Kappe Oceanfront Architectural condominium

This Ray Kappe Oceanfront Architectural condominium in Marina del Rey is a rare gem. Located just steps from the breaking waves and celebrating the sunshine of the California coast, the home offers luxury living at its finest. Designed in 1973, Kappe, Herbert Kahn and Rex Lotery, created this unique cluster of three separate oceanfront residences, The Elaine Stone Condominiums. The units were individually sold from the start with cooperative living in mind.

Living room of a Ray Kappe Oceanfront Architectural condo

The condominium features spacious rooms with sweeping views of the ocean, as well as private balconies perfect for summer days. Each of the units boasts a family playroom at beach level. Whether you’re watching the waves roll in or soaking up the rays, this is a truly exceptional place to call home.