South Pasadena Mid Century Modern home by Miller Fong

This single-story South Pasadena Mid Century Modern home, designed by the esteemed architect Miller Fong, exemplifies the enduring allure of mid-century modern design. With its sleek lines, generous use of natural light, and seamless integration of indoor and outdoor spaces, this architectural gem embodies the quintessential elements of the period. Every detail, from the tastefully appointed interiors to the manicured exterior landscapes, echoes a harmonious blend of aesthetics and function, preserving the integrity of this timeless style.

The post-and-beam construction throughout the home not only reinforces the structural integrity but also adds an element of dramatic design to the space. This structural element accentuates the high ceilings and amplifies the sense of spaciousness. Complementing the home’s open floor plan, the construction seamlessly integrates form and function, creating an interplay of light and shadow and adding depth and intrigue to the interior spaces.

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Fong Brothers Designs – As modern today as they were 50 years ago

Fong Brothers Lotus Lounge Chair

This vintage Tropi-Cal/Fong Brothers’ design circa 1966 is a perfect example of their amazing work.  It has a stainless steel frame with woven resin wicker.  This furniture is in the collection of the Museum of Modern Art.

The current incarnation — a blend of worldly inspirations that includes Asian minimalism, South Seas handicrafts and streamlined L.A. casual — is fast becoming a national trend.

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