Hollywood Hills Streamline Moderne home by William Kesling

The Estes Residence is an extraordinary example of a classic Hollywood Hills Streamline Moderne home brought to life by William Kesling. Its sleek lines, curvilinear forms and nautical-inspired details echo the essence of the Deco design era. Seeping with optimism and innovation with an emphasis on aerodynamic design, it is one of the most compelling architectural styles of the mid-20th century. Kesling’s prowess shines through in the seamless blending of form and function, a signature trait of Streamline Moderne, making the Estes Residence a timeless architectural residence.

In 1936, the Los Angeles County Assessor paid a visit to the Estes Residence, marveling at its modernistic design. The assessor deemed the unique construction as “special,” a term reserved for the highest echelon of architectural accomplishment at the time. This acknowledgment affirmed the homes’ place amongst the most prestigious houses of its time.