Vladimir Kagan | Vessels to Hold the Human Body

Vladimir Kagan is one of our most enduring designers of modern furniture with a career that has spanned over sixty years.

He started designing in 1946 and by the early fifties, his innovative sculptured designs created a new look in American furniture.  This Cabinet is a spectacular early Vladimir Kagan design for Grosfeld House in walnut and cane.

Vladimir Kagan Cloud Sofa

Kagan enjoyed using his free form, and this wonderful original red sofa is a perfect example of it.

Vladimir Kagan Contour Rocking Chair

One of Vladimir Kagan’s dynamic sculptural designs, the contour rocking chair is a visually compelling as it is comfortable.  The accompanying ottoman maximizes the relaxation this great chair offers.

Vladimir Kagan Unicorn Chair

The Unicorn Chair is very rare, circa 1959

Extension Dining Table designed in 1967.  This incredible table is constructed from a rare book-matched bleached Brazilian rosewood, glass and anodized aluminum. Today, his sparkling creations are on the cutting edge of the 21st century.