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Los Angeles Contemporary Modern Homes for Sale | If you’re looking for a modern and stylish home that makes a statement, look no further than a contemporary house. These homes offer clean lines and a minimalist style that is eye-catching and distinctive. The hallmarks of a contemporary home include asymmetric features, geometric shapes and the use of natural materials. Driven by simplicity and function, the interiors of contemporary houses feature flexible, open spaces and plenty of light. They combine beauty and practicality – making them some of the most popular homes on the market today. These homes draw aesthetic inspiration from the organic movements of Wabi-Sabi style and Scandinavian hygge design.

Minimalist Style with Maximum Appeal

Los Angeles is home to a variety of these beautiful houses. There are numerous neighborhoods throughout the city that boast beautiful modern contemporary homes. These homes can be found in the Hollywood Hills, Sunset Strip, Brentwood, Beverly Hills and Bel Air and can be found both in the flats and the hills, some with jaw-dropping, ultra-modern designs and stunning designs jet-liner views.

What Is A Contemporary Modern House?

This type of architecture emerged in the mid-20th century and is characterized by simple, clean lines and a minimalistic style with a sleek modern aesthetic. Contemporary houses are becoming increasingly popular, as more people are looking for homes with a stylish and sophisticated appearance.

These homes are the perfect blend of style and function. With their clean lines and minimalistic style, they make a strong statement. The hallmarks of these modern homes include asymmetric features, geometric shapes, and the use of natural materials. In addition, these homes are all about simplicity and functionality, with open, flexible spaces and plenty of natural light. If you’re looking for a modern and stylish home that makes a practical statement, a contemporary house is a great choice. Thanks to their beauty and functionality, these houses are among the most popular homes on the market today.

The Appeal of Contemporary Modern Houses

Style and Form

They offer a clean and uncluttered look and can appeal to people who want their home to have a tranquil and relaxing atmosphere.

Space and Function

These houses are typically very energy-efficient because they often incorporate solar panels and double-glazed windows. As a result, owners can save money on their energy bills. Another reason contemporary houses are so popular is because they are often easy to maintain, as they tend to be constructed from low-maintenance materials, such as concrete and glass. Additionally, contemporary houses often have open floor plans, making them easier to clean and keep tidy. Finally, strong vertical and horizontal features create balance and hierarchy in the home’s overall appearance.

Features of Modern Contemporary Homes

If you are considering purchasing a contemporary house, you will need to make sure that the house is constructed from high-quality materials. Additionally, you will want to find a home designed by a reputable architect and located in a neighborhood that works for your lifestyle.

Minimalist Rectangular Forms and Lack of Adornment

Low, horizontal compositions and lack of adornment. This modern home design style tends to focus on the idea that less is more. These homes are free of clutter and create a sense of calm with simple lines and organization, emphasizing function. Moldings and decorative trims are simplified or eliminated to create a modern aesthetic and uncluttered look. Elements of asymmetry are incorporated into the home’s facade in the form of bold, geometric shapes.

Exterior Features: Dramatic Rooflines

Another element of most modern houses is a flat or dramatically angled roofline. While most roofing has a slight slope to encourage draining, modern house design minimizes this slope to present a flat or low-pitch look. This roofing style is one of the key characteristics of modern architecture and gives the home a sleek aesthetic.

Neutral Colors, Natural Materials And Whitewashed Exteriors

Natural materials and whitewashed exteriors create a warm and inviting space. Exterior building materials include concrete, steel, stone and glass.

The concept of “truth in materials” is used in the construction of this style of modern architecture. The striking materials used are well displayed and not covered up. Steel and concrete are celebrated and left exposed in their natural condition. Expansive outdoor spaces feel connected to nature bringing in all it has to offer. Additionally, these homes utilize a neutral color palette with muted paint tones, creating a minimalist yet warm and inviting interior space.

Modern Style Open Floor Plans, Expansive Windows With An Emphasis On Nature

Open floor plans are popular in contemporary architecture. An open floor plan prioritizes vast areas over walls to isolate sections of the home. This does not imply everything is joined together, but, for example, the living room, dining room and kitchen may be linked or have slight transitions, such as varying floor or ceiling heights that define each space.

Glass is one of the most important characteristics of modern homes. Large windows and sliding doors create the intentional focus of the connection to the natural surroundings. Natural sunlight fills interior spaces with warmth and glow. Windows are often floor-to-ceiling, offering stunning views of the outdoor space. These expansive glass panels are rarely covered with curtains or blinds, creating a beautiful combination of indoor-outdoor living. Plus, being surrounded by nature makes one feel more alive.

The Appeal of A Contemporary Home Interior Space

One of the most popular choices for flooring in modern home design is wide plank wood. This type of flooring can help to make a space feel more open and airy. Wide plank wood floors are also durable and easy to care for, making them ideal for busy households. Walls are commonly clad in wood and not busy wallpaper.

Another popular material choice for modern architecture is glass. It can be used in various ways to create a modern look. It can be used for walls, floors, doors, and even furniture.

When it comes to modern homes, there are endless possibilities to create the look. By using a variety of materials and finishes, you can create a truly unique room.

The Living Room

There’s something about an open floor plan that oozes modernity and sophistication. One of the best things about an open floor plan is that it allows plenty of natural light to enter the room. Not only does this make the space feel airy and inviting, but it also helps to show off your furniture and decor in the best possible light. Additionally, natural light is also great for your health, and the airy space is sure to give you a feeling of well-being.

The high ceilings in the living room in a contemporary house are one of its best features. They make the space feel open and airy, allowing for creative lighting fixtures to be installed. In addition, by using organic materials, such as wood, metal and stone, to add texture and visual interest to the room, you can create a warm and welcoming atmosphere by incorporating natural elements into the design.

Contemporary living room design often incorporates a sleek and modern fireplace into the overall look and feel of the space. A fireplace can also create a focal point for the room.

The Kitchen

From sleek and simple to bold and beautiful, the kitchen is the heart of the home, especially true in a contemporary home. The kitchen is where families and friends connect and emphasize their togetherness. It’s a place to cook, eat and laugh. These kitchens are often designed with sleek, open shelving and simple, unadorned cabinets. Minimal adornment is important in modern kitchens, which means little embellishment and well-planned work areas.

A contemporary kitchen should have both form and function. This implies minimal decoration and efficient storage solutions as well as plenty of counter space. Contemporary kitchens often utilize stainless steel, marble, granite, or concrete, plus dramatic illumination in areas where it is most needed.

Energy Efficiency and Sustainability In Modern House Design

Contemporary modern homes are often built with sustainability and advances in green construction technology in mind, using environmentally friendly and more efficient materials. Many of these homes utilize passive solar panels, which capture and store heat from the sun to help keep the home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Some even have green roofs planted with vegetation to help insulate the home and reduce stormwater runoff. All of these features help to make these homes more environmentally friendly.

With the future in mind, modern home design incorporates forward-thinking automated smart home systems to control heat and turn lights off and on. This technology provides an extra layer of security and comfort in the modern era.

Why Choose Contemporary Architecture?

A contemporary house can offer many benefits to the homeowner. One of the most appealing aspects of this style is the simplicity of clean, uncluttered lines and an open floor plan. This creates a feeling of calm and serenity, which can be very beneficial in today’s hectic world. Contemporary modern homes also tend to be bright and airy, with plenty of natural light. This makes them feel inviting and welcoming. Another great benefit is that contemporary modern homes are often very energy efficient. The homes are often built with sustainability in mind and can be a great choice for people who want to reduce their impact on the environment.

Contemporary houses are becoming increasingly popular as more people seek out simple, stylish properties that are environmentally friendly and easy to maintain. If you’re looking for a home with a modern aesthetic, these houses have much to offer. Contact Beyond Shelter today to find additional contemporary and modern properties for sale.



This creative Echo Park modern home offers a perfect blend of modern living and creative workspace.

Welcome to this hip loft-style home located in the trendy neighborhood of Echo Park, just minutes from Downtown Los Angeles. This artfully designed creative Echo Park modern home offers a perfect blend of modern living and creative workspace – making it an ideal live-work scenario.

The property features recent renovations by Bertram Architects, a firm best known for restoring classic midcentury houses, including those designed by Richard Neutra, Craig Ellwood, and more, bringing the best features of this home to the forefront. A contemporary upper level with an open floor plan and bamboo flooring creates a warm and welcoming space that is flooded with natural light. The Euro-style kitchen is ideal for cooking enthusiasts, equipped with polished Carrera marble countertops and a Delonghi range. Craft your favorite meals while enjoying views of the city and treetops beyond. The primary bedroom is beautifully designed with sleek built-in cabinetry and garden views. The adjacent bathroom features an oversized shower and modern design elements.

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Modern Silver Lake architectural home by Christopher Payne, AIA

The Payne Residence, a spectacular modern Silver Lake architectural home offering breathtaking views of the downtown LA skyline and surrounding canyons. Conceived and constructed by architect Christopher Payne, AIA of FIN Architecture, as his personal residence, this home is a fine example of the architect’s attention to detail and exceptional craftsmanship. Every space tells a story, and every window frames an inspiring view, bringing the beauty of the outdoors into the heart of the home.

Living room of the Modern Silver Lake architectural home by Christopher Payne

The upper level of the Payne residence presents a spacious open-plan living/family room. The expansive space boasts sustainable cork floors and a focal point fireplace that stands as an architectural centerpiece. The floor-to-ceiling windows frame panoramic cityscape views that stretch as far as the eye can see.

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Agoura Hills Modern Contemporary Home by architect Ellis Gelman

Elevating the concept of luxury living, this Agoura Hills Modern Contemporary home is a true testament to Ellis Gelman’s architectural prowess. A seamless blend of artistry and functionality, the house is an oasis amidst the scenic backdrop of the Santa Monica mountains. Set within a gated enclave on .81 acres, it’s not just a home; it’s a sanctuary away from the bustle of the city. Elevated from the ground, every corner of the house reveals awe-inspiring views, offering an intimate connection with nature’s splendor.

Stepping into the expansive, light-filled great room, you’re met with soaring ceilings that create an atmosphere of designed spaciousness. The clerestory windows and an imposing wall of glass reveal a panoramic view of the majestic mountains beyond. The mountain range, painted with various hues throughout the day, becomes integral to the home’s design. The room opens onto an oversized deck, inviting you to step outside, breathe in the fresh air, and be one with the tranquil surround.

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Ray Kappe - Cherokee Residence for Living Home

Ray Kappe – Cherokee Residence, featured in Dwell Magazine is a modern architectural masterpiece. Designed by renowned architect Ray Kappe, this stunning Beverly Hills home features expansive glass walls and soaring ceilings that create a perfect marriage between indoor and outdoor living. Its sleek mid-century modern design is the perfect blend of style and luxury, creating a truly one-of-a-kind living experience.

This luxurious home offers a total of 3,975-square feet to explore! Its steel frame boasts six bedrooms and five bathrooms. Feast in the kitchen/dining area or curl up for movie night in the living room before ascending upstairs via glass staircase tower. A guest wing is an added treat that’s perfect for overnight visitors.

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Nichols Canyon Modern Contemporary Home

This Nichols Canyon Modern Contemporary home is the perfect retreat from the hustle and bustle of city life. Situated on a quiet, secluded part of Zorada Drive, it offers 5 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms, as well as plenty of space for entertaining. The Mid-Century roof lines and modern updates create a unique and exclusive oasis with lush verdant views of the surrounding hillsides. Whether you’re looking for a place to relax and unwind or to entertain guests, this home checks all the boxes.

Nichols Canyon Modern Contemporary Homes with disappearing walls

The light-filled foyer immediately draws you in with its elegant staircase and two-story picture window. The living area is open and airy, with 2 separate seating areas offering plenty of room for large gatherings. The space opens to a private patio and pool that make the perfect place to chill out and enjoy the California sunshine.

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