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The architectural BEAUTY of a well-designed house, whether a classic MID-CENTURY MODERN, a romantic SPANISH, a historic TUDOR or a cutting-edge CONTEMPORARY is unsurpassed. Some say ARCHITECTURE is like fine WINE, it only gets better with age. Erecting a building out of nothing is no small feat. It takes time for an architect to craft the concept and design, chose the right location, select the materials to tell the story and create an extraordinary livable space. Like wine, both architect and client wait patiently for what’s inside to EMERGE and mature.

Los Angeles is a hub for forward-thinking architects past and present. From historic homes in revivalist styles celebrating exotic lands and skilled artisans – to the post-war boom of new concepts of modernity and designs for living, LA has been at the forefront of this movement. BEYOND SHELTER Real Estate Group specializes in connecting buyers and sellers of these special homes and architectural properties. Contact us to begin your journey to inspired LA living and LIVE BEYOND.