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Harwell Hamilton Harris Homes for Sale | Harris was a noted modernist architect born in Redlands, California in 1903. Originally a fine arts major studying sculpture at LA’s Otis Art Institute, Harwell Hamilton Harris, changed his focus to architecture after visiting Frank Lloyd Wright’s Hollyhock House and discovering Wright’s Wasmuth Portfolio in a serendipitous turn.

Harris’ intended path was to study architecture at the University of California at Berkeley, however, he never attended instead finding employment with Richard Neutra and Rudolph Schindler in Los Angeles. In 1933, Harris established his own practice with his first commissions being smaller homes based on Modernist principles. John Entenza, Arts and Architecture Magazines’ influential editor and creator of the forthcoming Case Study Program, hired Harris to design his personal residence in the hills of Santa Monica in 1937. Much like his mentors, Harris incorporated organic materials, marrying indoor space with the outdoors, and his fine arts perspective of color theory to his projects, creating a unique signature to his design. We are here to help you find a special mid-century modern architectural property. For additional on and off-market Harwell Hamilton Harris homes for sale contact Beyond Shelter.

Silver Lake Harwell Hamilton Harris home
The Hawk House, 1939

Silver Lake Harwell Hamilton Harris home

The Hawk House, 1939 Silver Lake Harwell Hamilton Harris home. An early example of H.H. Harris’ most striking work, this home exudes prominent architectural lines and an abundance of natural sunlight.

Walls of glass and an almost Japanese simplicity define the public rooms throughout the residence.

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Harwell Hamilton Harris House – The Mary and Lee Blair Residence and Studio

Harwell Hamilton Harris house

Harwell Hamilton Harris house, a flawlessly serene and creative retreat situated just moments away from major studios, The Mary and Lee Blair Residence and Studio, 1939.

A spectacular example of Harwell Hamilton Harris, Architect. Nestled in a lush and tranquil hillside setting, this charismatic and inspiring home is an ideal pied-a-terre or retreat from artists to those with a creative spirit.

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Hollywood Hills Harwell Hamilton Harris
Johnson Residence

Hollywood Hill Harwell Hamilton Harris Home

Hollywood Hill Harwell Hamilton Harris home, The Johnson Residence. This distinctively unique Redwood clad two-level Mid Century Modern home rests quietly on a hillside shaded by oak trees.

Redwood siding, untouched, original and never painted.

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