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Pasadena Homes For Sale | Looking for a great neighborhood to raise a family close enough to Los Angeles for all the fun and excitement of the city but with a more relaxed, small-town feel? Pasadena is the perfect spot! Located in Los Angeles County, this character-filled urban community lies at the base of the San Gabriel Mountains. Pasadena is an oasis of California sunshine and historic charm with a vibrant cultural scene and plenty of green space. From exploring Old Pasadena to hiking in the mountains, there’s something for everyone here. The city is also home to world-renowned institutions like the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and Caltech, as well as numerous cultural attractions like the Rose Bowl and Norton Simon Museum. As real estate agents, we have a wealth of resources available to help you navigate the process of buying or selling a home. We are realtors dedicated to making your experience as stress-free and successful as possible, working with you to ensure that your needs are met and that you settle into a residence perfect for your lifestyle.

The History of Pasadena

The city of Pasadena, California, has a rich history that dates back to the founding of the San Gabriel Mission in 1771. The Spanish government gave the Spanish priests who settled the mission a land grant, and they quickly began to develop the area. In 1874, a group of farmers from Indiana founded the Indiana Colony, which helped to further development in the area. Today, Pasadena is a thriving city with a diverse population and a rich history. The city was incorporated in 1886 as a measure to remove saloons from the area. During the next decade, the city added several amenities, such as paved streets, sewers and electric street lighting. The Valley Hunt Club began a yearly tradition on January 1, 1890, of holding a procession with flower-decorated horses and carriages. In 1898, the Tournament of Roses Association became an official sponsor of this annual tradition.

Pasadena Neighborhoods

North Arroyo

This area, also known as Upper Arroyo, is one of Pasadena’s most affluent and prestigious neighborhoods. It is home to many luxury homes and estates. Housing prices in North Arroyo are some of the highest in the city, and the neighborhood is highly sought-after by buyers looking for a luxurious and stylish lifestyle.

Park Place

Park Place is a historic neighborhood featuring homes from the Arts and Crafts movement. Located in the northern end of Brookside Park. This area is Pasadena’s second-largest neighborhood. Homeowners can enjoy the unique architecture and style dating back to the 19th century.

Linda Vista / Brookside Park

The wealthy neighborhood surrounding the Rose Bowl is home to many executives, managers, and professionals. The homes in this area range from luxe estates to modern architectural’s. It provides an ideal location for those who are looking for a lush, serene neighborhood.

Hastings Ranch

The area was established in 1882 when Charles Cook Hastings purchased 1100 acres of land and created a ranch. Over time, the property was sold off and subdivided into three luxury housing tracts designed by Edward H. Fickett, FAIA and completed in 1951. The neighborhood is now divided into two distinct districts, known as “Upper Hastings” and “Lower Hastings,” which are divided by Sierra Madre Boulevard. Residents of Hastings Ranch enjoy easy access to nearby parks and recreation areas, shopping centers, and attractions.

Old Town Pasadena

The charming 22-block area of alleyways and streets in Old Pasadena is on the National Register of Historic Places. With its mix of historic buildings and modern businesses, Old Pasadena has something for everyone. The district is a unique destination for shopping, dining, and entertainment while maintaining its classic charm and heritage.

South Arroyo

With its close proximity to South Pasadena, Eagle Rock, and Highland Park, The South Arroyo area is the perfect backdrop for those looking for a peaceful neighborhood with all of the amenities nearby. Homes in South Arroyo are much more expensive than the average Pasadena home, making it one of the wealthiest areas in California. With its quiet streets lined with park-like scenery, South Arroyo is a beautiful place to call home.

Oak Knoll

With picturesque views of the San Gabriel Mountains and close proximity to downtown Pasadena, Oak Knoll developed into one of Pasadena’s most sought-after areas. Its location makes it attractive to buyers who value both its natural beauty and urban convenience. Oak Knoll is studded with the residential works of some of Southern California’s best architects.

Among the homes here are five structures by the Greene brothers and houses designed by the Heineman brothers, George Washington Smith, Roland Coate, Wallace Neff, Gordon Kaufmann, Reginald Johnson and many more. Even today, the success of Oak Knoll is echoed in the careful selection of restrained architectural styles that still enliven the area. In short, Oak Knoll’s unique combination of luxury and natural beauty draws affluent residents who appreciate its historic architecture and exclusive atmosphere.

Pasadena Homes and Architecture

Pasadena is known for making efforts to preserve the aesthetics of its past while also adapting to the needs of modern living. Throughout the city, historic homes are lovingly maintained and new additions are sensitively designed in homage to their predecessors. The eclectic mix of architectural styles creates a unique visual landscape – traditional bungalows nestled among stately Spanish Revival homes, Tudor and Mid-Century Modern residences alongside Craftsman cottages.

The city’s commitment to historic preservation also extends to its vibrant businesses and institutions. Shopping districts such as Old Town Pasadena and South Lake Avenue are full of turn-of-the-century buildings that now house independent cafes, boutiques and galleries. Pasadena has been praised for its dedication to preserving its historic culture. The city was one of the first in California to implement a historic preservation program. In 1980 the city adopted the Pasadena Historic Preservation Ordinance (HPO), which established guidelines for protecting and enhancing the city’s architecture.

Events in Pasadena

Rose Bowl Flea Market

The Rose Bowl Flea Market is held on the 2nd Sunday of the Month; you will find an unbeatable treasure hunting experience. Whether looking for vintage clothing, antique furniture or unique Mid Century decorative pieces, this outdoor flea market has something for everyone. There are over 2,500 vendors featuring a variety of products and concessions stands providing food and drinks. It’s a wonderful way to enjoy your day.

The Tournament of Roses – Rose Parade

January brings The Rose Parade, a globally recognized New Year’s Day tradition. The parade features colorful floats, accomplished marching bands and high-stepping walking horse units along a 5.5-mile route in Pasadena, California. Floats are typically festooned with fresh flowers and other natural decorations in a kaleidoscope of colors that dazzles spectators along the parade route. Nearly one million people line the streets to watch this 2-hour long parade.

Rose Bowl Game

The Rose Bowl Game has been a New Year’s Day tradition since 1902; known as “The Granddaddy of Them All,” it is the oldest of the college bowl games. Nearly one hundred thousand fans fill the stadium every year to watch their favorite teams battle it out for Rose Bowl supremacy.

Pasadena Arts and Culture

Norton Simon Museum

Located near downtown Pasadena, the Norton Simon Museum houses one of the most remarkable private art collections ever assembled. Visitors can explore works of art by masters such as Rembrandt, Picasso, Kadinsky and Tiepolo. During the summer head outside for an iced latte and light snack and take in the beautiful bronze sculptures and the striking building designed by local architectural firm Ladd & Kelsey in 1969.

The museum also boasts impressive collections of sculptures from a variety of traditions. Outdoors, visitors can admire Rodin sculptures near the entrance and explore other pieces from around the world set in landscaped gardens and along Colorado Boulevard. Inside, guests can experience Asian sculptures and paintings, including vibrant woodblock prints from Japan.

The Gamble House

The Gamble House is a masterpiece of the Arts and Crafts era. Built by architects Charles and Henry Greene in 1908-09 for David and Mary Gamble of the Procter & Gamble Company as their winter residence. The home remains one of the most important examples of American Craftsman architecture. The residence retains its original furnishings, which the architects designed. It is also listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Pasadena Parks and Recreation

Brookside Golf Course

William P. Bell, Brookside Golf Club’s architect, designed the club 1942. The 36-hole complex is situated in Pasadena next to the famed Rose Bowl and is Los Angeles County’s oldest golf course. The Brookside Golf Club is a must-play for casual players and experienced pros alike. With two distinct courses, each offering a unique experience, golfers of all skill levels can find something to enjoy here.

Storrier Stearn Japanese Garden

The Storrier Stearns Japanese Garden is a beautiful and peaceful oasis in the heart of Pasadena. Created by Kinzuchi Fujii between 1935-1940 for Charles and Ellamae Storrier Stearns. The Storrier Stearns Garden isn’t only an excellent example of a pre-World War II Japanese garden, but it’s also the only one remaining in Southern California. The 15-foot waterfall in the garden is a sight to behold, cascading over carefully placed stones and providing a tranquil atmosphere. The pond-style strolling garden also features a beautiful teahouse built with traditional Japanese materials and techniques, making it an authentic visitor experience. The surrounding koi ponds, bridges, and stone lanterns provide further evidence of the garden’s dedication to traditional Japanese design. In addition, the garden features a wide variety of trees and plants that provide a vibrant environment for visitors to explore.

Pasadena Dining

Pasadena is a food lover’s paradise, with something to suit every taste and budget. Whether you’re looking for a casual meal or a fine dining experience, you’ll find it here. The city has a rich culinary tradition, with many ethnic restaurants representing cuisines worldwide. There’s also a strong farm-to-table movement, with many restaurants sourcing their ingredients from local growers. For a quick bite, there are plenty of places to get a delicious burger or a bowl of ramen. And if you want to treat yourself to something special, there are several Michelin-starred restaurants in Pasadena. Bon appetite!

Arroyo Chop House

Arroyo Chop House is a distinguished American steakhouse situated near the extravagant homes of Millionaire’s Row. They specialize in USDA Prime beef that is aged a minimum of 28 days and hand-cut daily. In addition to their prime beef, fresh seafood is delivered daily from the finest suppliers.


A visit to Russell’s is like stepping into a slice of history. From the cozy booths to the era-specific decor, everything about this restaurant transports customers back in time. The menu itself is a testament to timelessness; Russell’s serves classic comfort food favorites like pancakes, omelets, and French toast with generous portions that will leave you feeling satisfied and content. From vegan options to fresh-pressed juices, there is something for everyone at Russell’s.

Roma Italian Market

Since 1950, Roma Market’s Italian delicacies have delighted customers in Pasadena. Owner Rosario Mazzeo has made delicious Italian specialties for over 70 years, including his signature dish “The Sandwich.” This sandwich is truly a delight for food lovers. It’s a simple but delicious combination of ingredients, with the thinly sliced salami, coppa, mortadella and provolone providing a perfect flavor balance.

Pie ‘n Burger

Pie ’N Burger has been serving up the same original recipes since 1930. The diner still contains many of its original features and decorations, creating an atmosphere of authentic nostalgia for customers who remember the way things used to be. The current owner Michael Osborn has carefully preserved the classic menu that his predecessors passed down to him, ensuring that the burgers and milkshakes served at Pie ’N Burger remain as delicious today as they were nearly a century ago.

Pasadena Shopping

One Colorado

One Colorado is an unforgettable, one-of-a-kind destination in the heart of Old Pasadena that melds beautiful historic architecture with modern style. With over 240,00 square feet of retail and dining options, One Colorado boasts some of the hippest shopping experiences around. With shops, boutiques and cafes like Aesop, Allbirds, Patagonia, Parachute, Sephora, Anthropologie and Alfred, it’s easy to see why this shopping destination is a great place in Pasadena to get lost for an afternoon.

South Lake Avenue

Another great shopping area in Pasadena can be found along South Lake Avenue. This premiere shopping destination boasts several national chain stores and a shopping mall where Macy’s department store is located. Designed in 1947 by architects Wurdeman & Becket, the late Moderne-style building originally opened as a Bullock’s department store.



South Pasadena Mid Century Modern home by Miller Fong

This single-story South Pasadena Mid Century Modern home, designed by the esteemed architect Miller Fong, exemplifies the enduring allure of mid-century modern design. With its sleek lines, generous use of natural light, and seamless integration of indoor and outdoor spaces, this architectural gem embodies the quintessential elements of the period. Every detail, from the tastefully appointed interiors to the manicured exterior landscapes, echoes a harmonious blend of aesthetics and function, preserving the integrity of this timeless style.

The post-and-beam construction throughout the home not only reinforces the structural integrity but also adds an element of dramatic design to the space. This structural element accentuates the high ceilings and amplifies the sense of spaciousness. Complementing the home’s open floor plan, the construction seamlessly integrates form and function, creating an interplay of light and shadow and adding depth and intrigue to the interior spaces.

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Altadena Mid Century Modern house by Gregory Ain

This iconic Altadena Mid Century Modern house by Gregory Ain is situated on notable Highview Avenue. The extraordinary residence is part of Altadena’s highly sought-after historic Park Planned Homes development. The home presents as a beautiful embodiment of Ain’s distinctive architectural style, characterized by sleek lines, expansive windows and functional simplicity – seamlessly blending indoor and outdoor spaces.

Designed in 1947, these 28 homes reflect the pioneering spirit of Ain’s work with their distinctive mid century modern design and classic design language. Each dwelling resonates with a sense of understated elegance and functional beauty, the hallmarks of Ain’s architectural philosophy.

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San Rafael Hills Mid Century Modern Home

Classic San Rafael Hills mid century modern home in the coveted neighborhood of Pasadena. Designed in 1948, this extraordinary property is on the market for the first time in 40 years. Perfectly sited, this picturesque architectural box is set amid a lush mature landscape, creating a strong connection with nature. The serene residence celebrates everything there is to love about mid-century modern design.

San Rafael Hills Mid Century Modern home with classic brick fireplace

Inside, the open floor plan showcases the home’s structure with strong directional beams, a full-height focal point brick fireplace and floor-to-ceiling glass. The views and vistas visually extend the living space creating a first floor filled with natural light.

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Historic Pasadena storybook cottage

This enchanting Historic Pasadena storybook cottage is truly a one-of-a-kind find! From the moment you set eyes on it, you’ll be charmed by its magical storybook appeal. Nestled in a highly desirable area of the city, the cottage is surrounded by lush greenery and beautiful blooming flowers. The steps leading up to the front door are artistically placed, and you will be captivated by unique and charming features at every turn!

The home is known as The ‘Old Mill.’ It is the only remaining part of Pasadena’s Busch Gardens Park, open to the public, then closed in 1937. The current owner has kept this charming cottage in European style for almost 50 years.

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Pasadena Mid Century Architectural home. The Saltman Residence, built in 1962 by Buff and Hensman

The Saltman Residence, built in 1962 by Buff and Hensman, is a quintessential Pasadena Mid Century Architectural home that has been thoughtfully restored and updated by the current owners. This classic post and beam has all the modern comforts and amenities of a new home.

At the end of the long-gated driveway, you’ll be greeted by a beautiful entry with a peaceful koi pond. Walls of glass look out to the welcoming saltwater pool. The step-down living room is perfect for entertaining guests or simply relaxing with family. With its wood-clad walls, cozy atmosphere, focal point fireplace, comfortable seating and views of the pool, this space is sure to become a favorite gathering spot.

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