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Historic and Modern Homes for Sale in Los Angeles | LA is steeped in visual history with a strong connection to the cinema and Hollywood's Golden Age. That history is reflected in the city’s unique charm and stylish architecture. For those who love classic design, Los Angeles offers many historic neighborhoods to explore. From romantic Spanish-style homes in Silver Lake, Los Feliz and the Hollywood Hills to gorgeous Tudors and French-Style Chateaus in Hancock Park and Windsor Square. Newcomers to Los Angeles are often surprised by the diverse architectural styles on display here. And while many of these classic homes have been modernized for 21st-century living, they retain their original charm and craftsmanship.

For those looking for a more contemporary home, there are also plenty of options. Midcentury homes have a special place in LA's architectural history. These homes, with their clean lines, stylish aesthetics and strong connection to the outdoors, are one of the most coveted home styles on the market and can be found in many neighborhoods including Brentwood, the Hollywood Hills and in the San Fernando Valley. In neighborhoods of Echo Park and Silver Lake, it's not uncommon to find beautifully preserved Spanish Revival homes alongside Mid Century, Ranch-Style homes or contemporary townhouses. Ranch-style houses are also popular in the more suburban areas of Studio City and Sherman Oaks, while sleek high-rises dominate the downtown skyline. Los Angeles is equally known for its contemporary modern homes. These chic residences, many with jaw-dropping views, and incredible amenities are found in the Sunset Strip, Beverly Hills and Bel Air and offer an unparalleled luxurious lifestyle. The city seems to thrive on inspiration, the way classic and modern design comes together to create a unique architectural vision. With the wealth of home styles here, there is truly something for everyone. So whether you're looking for a historic gem or a modern masterpiece, there is an amazing Los Angeles home that's perfect for you. Contact Beyond Shelter to find a special home in a neighborhood that best suits your lifestyle.