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Hollywood Hills Homes for Sale | If you dream of a neighborhood in the hills surrounded by lush vegetation, towering trees and scenic views, the Hollywood Hills may be the perfect place for you. The Hollywood Hills of southern California offer many unique benefits to those who choose to make the neighborhood their home. With historic architecture, lush vegetation, and a connection to the surrounding mountains, life here is truly a one-of-a-kind experience. Whether you prefer quiet solitude or an active social scene, there is something for everyone here. Located on the east side of the 101 freeway, beneath the iconic Hollywood sign, East of the Sunset Strip and West of Los Feliz, the neighborhood consists of Beachwood Canyon, the Hollywood Dell, Lake Hollywood Estates and Universal City Hills. If you’re looking for a community that offers beauty and excitement, the Hollywood Hills is the perfect place.

A Home Above It All, What Makes Living
In The Hollywood Hills So Special?

The Hollywood Hills neighborhoods of Los Angeles are vibrant and unique, renowned for their picturesque landscape and historic architecture. Living in the hills offers residents a completely different experience than the flats. These landmark neighborhoods provide peace and privacy with sweeping panoramas of the mountains and downtown Los Angeles. They are ideal for those seeking connection to nature, social activities, and city convenience. One of the main benefits of living in Hollywood Hills is its proximity to the entertainment industry, including movie studios, television production companies and major media outlets. So if you are an aspiring actor or actress, you can be close to all of the action and home is just a short drive away.

The Hollywood Hills Neighborhoods

The Hollywood Hills East region is located east of the Cahuenga Pass and part of the Santa Monica Mountains, along the 101 freeway. It borders Beachwood Village to the north, Hollywoodland to the south and Hollywood Hills West to the west. The neighborhood consists of Beachwood Canyon, Lake Hollywood Estates, the Hollywood Dell and the Universal City Hills. These neighborhoods offer lush natural surroundings with breathtaking scenery and make the perfect retreat. You can find everything from opulent mansions to quirky cottages and bungalows here. Residents from celebrities and artists to attorneys and studio execs call the Hollywood Hills home.

Beachwood Canyon

Beachwood Canyon is the original “Hollywoodland” neighborhood. Bordering Griffith Park and Los Feliz Oaks, it is located just below the iconic Hollywood sign. Historic Beachwood Canyon is beautifully unique and full of Old Hollywood character and charm. From its winding streets lined with historic homes to its serene natural landscape, there is something special about Beachwood Canyon. Walking through the neighborhood, you can feel the glamour and rich architectural history of early Hollywood. With its picturesque setting and charming homes, it’s no wonder that Hollywood glitterati and professionals alike have flocked to this Los Angeles neighborhood for years. There was once a requirement for homes to be built only in a European style. The accepted styles were French Normandy, English Tudor, Spanish and Mediterranean. The compelling architecture contributes to the neighborhood’s idyllic storybook setting and is ideally suited for work-at-home creative types.

Beachwood Canyon is home to many actors, writers, artists and musicians. Celebrities and industry professionals alike have at one time called the canyon home. A beautiful character-filled Spanish home across the street from the village, was formerly owned by actor Ned Beatty. Singer-songwriter Madonna was once a resident of the famous Castillo del Lago, the former home of Bugsy Siegel. Actress-producer Margot Robbie, Gustavo Dudamel, Music Director of the Los Angeles Philharmonic and actor, producer and director Forest Whitaker have lived in properties in the canyon.

Beachwood Village

This secret hideaway is nestled among nature, despite being located in the heart of Los Angeles. It’s simple to take a hike during the day and then pick up a bite to eat or hop on a horse at the Sunset Ranch for an evening ride through Griffith Park. There is a small business district, Beachwood Village, located halfway up Beachwood Canyon Drive. The village features a market, designed by architect John Lautner, a dry cleaner and a classic diner.

Franklin Village

Along Franklin Avenue lies Franklin Village, which is home to many artisanal shops, restaurants and bookstores. Pick up a quick bite at Birds or La Poubelle and take in a comedy show at the Upright Citizens Brigade, founded by comedian Amy Poehler. Staying home more your thing; there is no better neighborhood to write that screenplay or create that next hit. Over the years, Beachwood Canyon has attracted a diverse group of people who have contributed to its rich history. Today, Beachwood Canyon retains its historic character and is a desirable neighborhood to call home.

The Iconic Hollywood Sign

The Hollywood sign is one of the most iconic symbols in America and has been a part of popular culture for nearly a century. It stands atop Mt. Lee, overlooking Beachwood Canyon and bordering Griffith Park and Los Feliz. In 1923, Harry Chandler, the Los Angeles Times newspaper owner and a real-estate developer, decided to invest and develop an upscale real-estate project called Hollywoodland. Capitalizing on Hollywood’s increasing fame as a mecca for movie making, the iconic Hollywoodland sign was erected as a visual calling card for the new development. The sign was meant to be temporary, but it quickly became a permanent fixture in the Hollywood Hills. In 1949, the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce took over the maintenance of the sign. As a result, the Hollywood Sign is an enduring symbol of the American dream and pop culture. In addition, it represents the hope and aspirations of millions of people from all over the world who come to Hollywood to pursue their dreams.

Lake Hollywood Estates

Nestled in the Hollywood Hills, heading over the hill to Studio City, Lake Hollywood is a hidden gem in Los Angeles. Lake Hollywood is built around the Hollywood reservoir. There are many wonderful Mid-Century Modern, California Ranch and 60s styles of homes here. The streets are wide and many homes have pools and unobstructed viewing of the iconic Hollywood sign. The lake itself is the perfect spot for evening strolls and local residents particularly cherish the dog park. Many hiking trails offer breathtaking viewpoints of the surrounding landscape. The picturesque homes and panoramic vistas of Lake Hollywood — which has long been a magnet for celebrities and newcomers alike — have made it famous.

Lake Hollywood is another preferred neighborhood for celebrities and other professionals who want to escape the energy of Los Angeles. With its peaceful natural setting, many who live here consider it their private oasis right in the heart of Los Angeles. Lake Hollywood’s secluded hillside homes and sweeping views — have long been a draw for Hollywood A-listers and up-and-comers alike.

The Hollywood Dell

The “Dell,” as its’ residents call it, is a cozy enclave nestled in the hills east of the Cahuenga Pass. Established in the early 1920s, the area was one with Whitley Heights until the construction of the 101 freeway. The Dell quickly became a desirable place to live. The roads are hilly and consist primarily of single-family homes. Many “Dell” properties are on hillside or canyon lots, while some have pools and great canyon views.

Today, the Hollywood Dell remains a coveted spot for residents who want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. With its scenic natural setting, many consider it their private oasis in the heart of Los Angeles.

Universal City Hills

Another great area in the Hollywood Hills is Universal City. Set on a picturesque hillside among mature trees and lush greenery, this charming neighborhood is conveniently located near the 101 and 170 freeways, making smooth travel to downtown Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley. The unique area is full of romantic Spanish-style homes and historic Tudor homes mixed with classic mid century modern houses, creating an appealing blend of architectural styles. Looking for an immersive and magical entertainment experience, look no further than Universal CityWalk and Universal Studios. Universal Studios Hollywood is a theme park with movie sets, soundstages and rides. Additionally, several hotels and a shopping center with restaurants and retail are located here, making it an incredible destination. The community comes to life at night with a variety of bars and clubs, perfect for a night out.

Hollywood Hills West – The Other Side of the 101

Hollywood Hills West is a neighborhood in Los Angeles, CA, located west of Highland Avenue and north of Sunset Boulevard and the Sunset Strip. The many historic districts here are home to many celebrities and have a range of homes in architectural styles from luxury to mid century modern and classic bungalows.

Laurel Canyon

The canyon was a vital part of the early days of Hollywood, as it was home to many influential people in the entertainment industry. The canyon is a rock and roll history landmark and has been home to many famous musicians, including the Doors, Buffalo Springfield, Crosby, Stills & Nash, and Joni Mitchell. In the early 1970s, the canyon was the center of the Southern California rock scene. Musicians flocked to the canyon. Singer-songwriter Joni Mitchell, Jim Morrison, whose house was adjacent to the Laurel Canyon Market and Frank Zappa lived in the area. Many of the famous canyon parties were hosted by Mama Cass Elliot. The Rolling Stones even recorded an album at a house in Laurel Canyon.

Today, the canyon is still home to many artists and musicians and is still a popular place to live, as it offers stunning views of Los Angeles and a secluded, peaceful atmosphere. The Laurel Canyon Country Store provides a place to pick up some quick groceries and a latte to start your day. Many families move here not only for its bohemian charm but also because of its sought-after schools in the Wonderland School District. The canyon is also home to a variety of wildlife, including coyotes, deer and bobcats. The canyon attracts creative types from all over the world. If you’re looking for a taste of the real Los Angeles, Laurel Canyon is the perfect place to start.

Additional neighborhoods in the Hollywood Hills West include the Sunset Strip, Mount Olympus, Outpost Estates, the Bird Streets, Whitley Heights and Hollywood Heights. Each one of these offers individuals a unique experience depending on its location.

Interested In Finding An Amazing Home
In A Hollywood Hills Neighborhood?

The connection between the Hollywood Hills and celebrity culture continues to this day. Homebuyers in the area search for historic homes or stunning contemporary homes with jaw-dropping views. If you’re searching for a personal retreat for rest and relaxation, an inspirational spot to craft that next screenplay, or a one-of-a-kind Los Angeles experience, the Hollywood Hills is the perfect place to call home. Contact Beyond Shelter to find unique Hollywood Hills homes for sale today.



Historic Hollywood estate, masterfully envisioned by architect William L. Skidmore.

This historic Hollywood estate, masterfully envisioned by architect William L. Skidmore in 1925, is a testament to Hollywood’s opulent golden age of timeless sophistication. Surrounded by verdant gardens and towering King Palms, this classic estate is a true oasis amidst the city’s bustling energy beyond.

Living room of the historic Hollywood estate by architect William L. Skidmore.

The residence stands as a fusion of artistic design and deep cultural admiration. From the meticulous geometric designs to the arches that pay homage to the grandeur of Marrakech’s iconic gateways, every facet of the home’s architecture and decor has been chosen to whisk you away to a world of unparalleled craftsmanship and exotic lavishness.

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Hollywood Hills Streamline Moderne home by William Kesling

The Estes Residence is an extraordinary example of a classic Hollywood Hills Streamline Moderne home brought to life by William Kesling. Its sleek lines, curvilinear forms and nautical-inspired details echo the essence of the Deco design era. Seeping with optimism and innovation with an emphasis on aerodynamic design, it is one of the most compelling architectural styles of the mid-20th century. Kesling’s prowess shines through in the seamless blending of form and function, a signature trait of Streamline Moderne, making the Estes Residence a timeless architectural residence.

In 1936, the Los Angeles County Assessor paid a visit to the Estes Residence, marveling at its modernistic design. The assessor deemed the unique construction as “special,” a term reserved for the highest echelon of architectural accomplishment at the time. This acknowledgment affirmed the homes’ place amongst the most prestigious houses of its time.

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Oversize swimming pool in a Mid Century Modern Hollywood Hills home

Imagine stepping into a world where every line, every corner pays homage to the iconic Mid-Century Modern style that dramatically transformed the face of architecture in Southern California. This is your chance to live in the quintessential Los Angeles Mid Century Modern Hollywood Hills home perched on a hillside above Universal City. This stylish home has been meticulously remodeled while preserving its timeless design, offering a seamless blend of classic and modern comfort. Situated on an expansive half-acre promontory lot, this oh-so-hip property boasts panoramic views that stretch across the cityscape.

This Palm Springs-inspired setting boasts a private backyard with an oversized pool and jacuzzi, complete with a Cabo spa shelf for tanning and relaxation. Multiple lounge areas dot the property, offering the perfect spot to soak up the California sun or unwind under the stars. Outdoor entertaining is a breeze with dedicated BBQ and lounge areas.

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Mid Century Beachwood Canyon Home by Robert Lee

This beautiful mid-century Beachwood Canyon home combines classic, timeless architecture with a modern interior for the ultimate experience in Hollywood Hills living. Originally designed by Robert Lee, AIA, the residence has been meticulously maintained and thoughtfully updated throughout the years to offer its occupants an unparalleled level of oh-so-stylish living.

Living room of by Robert Lee designed Mid Century Beachwood Canyon Home

The main living space boasts an open-concept floor plan with wood-paneled walls, vintage tile floors, and a sunken living room. A classic brick-clad fireplace and a hidden bar, all in a period-appropriate style are complemented by textural shag carpeting and floor-to-ceiling glass.

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Mid Century Hollywood Hills House

Looking for that perfect hideaway in the Hollywood Hills moments from the city yet feels like a vacation up in the woods? This charming mid-century modern Hollywood Hills house is located in the heart of the Hollywood Dell. As you make your way up the driveway, you will instantly be surrounded by a serene atmosphere. The home is discreetly perched up a private drive enveloped by gorgeous pine trees, citrus and lavender.

Charming Mid Century Hollywood Hills House

Upon entering the front gate, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by an expansive bricked porch, the perfect spot for entertaining and hosting get-togethers. The oh-so-hip home features a modern open floor plan, gorgeous wood floors and stunning new lighting. The dining area brings the outdoors in with views of the surrounding greenery and beyond. The curated combination of materials and finishes creates a warm, eclectic vibe throughout.

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