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Mid Century Modern Homes for Sale in Los Angeles | There’s no denying the allure of mid century modern houses, architecture and classic mid century design. With their clean lines, minimalist aesthetic, emphasis on bringing nature and the outdoors in, post and beam construction, open living space and sleek exteriors, there is a lot to love about this style. Mid century modern architecture is a modernist movement that began in the 1940s after World War II and continued until the 1960s. Mid century architects sought to create a new type of contemporary architecture that was more functional, efficient and stylish than the traditional look of the time.

The Evolution Of
Mid Century Modern Architecture

The Case Study Program

Historically, the Case Study Program celebrated the architectural design of some groundbreaking mid century modern homes in Los Angeles. The program’s vision belonged to Los Angeles-based Arts & Architecture magazine Editor John Entenza. He envisioned commissioning architects to design and build inexpensive and replicable model homes for the United States population. The Case Study House Program ultimately produced 36 homes between 1945 and 1966, but only a handful of these houses remain standing today.

The Influence of John Entenza

Entenza envisioned the architecture program would provide housing that was not only affordable but also stylish and modern. The homes would be built using mass-production techniques, which would keep costs down. It was a departure from the traditional housing development model, where each home is unique and costly to build. The Case Study Houses program was one of the most important contributions to modern architecture. It showed that good design and architecture could be achieved using quality yet inexpensive materials and mass production techniques.

Architect Designed Mid Century Modern Homes

The ambitious project commissioned by Arts & Architecture magazine invited established architects including Richard Neutra, Pierre Koenig, A. Quincy Jones, J.R. Davidson, Thornton M. Abell, Charles Eames, Eero Saarinen, Buff and Hensman, Craig Ellwood, Rodney Walker and Raphael Soriano to submit prototypes. Out of the 36 house plans submitted, 28 homes were built in Los Angeles. Upon completion, the homes were open to the public for exhibition and touring until the homeowners resided in them. The successful program, which ran until 1966, brought more than 350,000 visitors to the homes. These iconic modernist architects defined the mid century modern movement in the city of Los Angeles. These homes continue to influence contemporary architecture today.

The Mid Century Home – Classic But Oh So Contemporary

Countless publications celebrate the joys and inspiration of mid century style and living. One can picture an ideal life in one of these glass-walled homes – entertaining friends and family, taking in the sunny SoCal weather and offering a stunning backdrop for all things photographic. The joy comes not only from the stylish mid century design but also from the incredible functional living experience these homes provide.

10 Elements of A Mid Century Home

When you think of a mid century modern house, specific architectural details come to mind. Here are some of the defining characteristics of this classic period:

• Expansive windows that let in plenty of natural light

• Angular roofs and open floor plans that create a feeling of spaciousness

• Indoor/outdoor living areas that blur the lines between the two

• Simple, clean lines: minimalist design with a focus on functionality.

• Use of natural materials, such as wood, stone and glass

• Emphasis on horizontal lines and geometric shapes

• A focus on simplicity and functionality; form follows function

• Integration of nature into the design of the home and connection to natural surroundings

• Calming colors with bright accents and interesting patterns. Most mid century homes incorporate a color palette that is calming and sophisticated, neutrals like grey, white and black. A pop of color here and there can add visual interest. In addition, patterns are often used to add movement. Common patterns include geometric shapes and abstract designs.

• Texture adds visual interest and contrasts nicely with smooth surfaces; board-formed concrete and cerused wood add natural yet textural elements.

A Mid Century Modern Home Brings Nature In

Imagine outdoor spaces filled with glistening pools, lush landscaping, and light-infused interiors boasting floor to ceiling glass – all providing access to spectacular views. The seamless transition to the outdoors creates endless entertaining possibilities. There’s something for everyone in this setting, from pool parties to intimate gatherings. And when the fun is done, you can retreat to your serene oasis and relax in style. It’s the best of both worlds!

Sense Of Style
In Mid Century Homes

Mid Century Interiors

Mid century modernist architecture is not only about the exterior details. The inviting and inspired interiors are equally as important. Unique architectural details, wood-clad walls, and expansive interiors filled with sleek, well-designed objects, art, and furniture add to the mid-century modern home’s style and legacy. In addition, expansive fireplaces in the living area help create a focal point and a warm and inviting atmosphere perfect for entertaining or simply relaxing at home.

The Design of Mid Century Modern Furniture

One of the most defining characteristics of mid-century modern furniture is its simplicity. Pieces are often sleek and straightforward, with clean lines and little embellishment. Less is more; the pieces are often understated and have a minimalist aesthetic. Natural materials like wood and leather are often used in the design, giving pieces a warm and inviting feeling. Pieces also utilize geometric shapes, circles, triangles and rectangles to add visual interest and create a sense of balance. Functionality, every element serves a purpose and there is nothing superfluous. Designers Charles Eames, George Nelson, Eero Saarinen and Harry Bertoia all created timeless iconic pieces of the era.

Mid Century Modern Homes Are Perfect For Entertaining

There is no better way to do it if you love entertaining than with a mid century modern home that offers open spaces for indoor-outdoor living. Horizontal lines, site choice, steel frames, modular components and public and private spaces contribute to the zen of living in one of these homes. Another one of the most popular reasons is the open floor plan, perfect for entertaining in style. You can have one big party or several small gatherings simultaneously, and everyone will feel like they’re included in the fun. In addition, there are no walls to block off the kitchen from the living or dining room space, so the flow of conversation is constant and natural. This layout allows for a natural flow and makes entertaining guests a breeze. Plus, who doesn’t love large windows, sliding glass doors and a good wall of glass?

Finding Your Mid Century Home

Original Case Study houses and other properties influenced by mid century modern design can be found in many neighborhoods across Los Angeles. Brentwood, Laurel Canyon, Sherman Oaks, Studio City, Silver Lake, Sunset Strip and the Hollywood Hills neighborhoods are home to many of these properties. So if you have been picturing life in a mid century modern Los Angeles home, maybe this is the year to find one. Contact Beyond Shelter to find additional Mid Century Modern homes and Contemporary Architecture for sale in Los Angeles and Palm Springs.



Studio City Mid Century Modern Home by architect Mims Jackson Jr.

Rare chance to reside in a meticulously renovated Studio City Mid Century Modern home featuring breathtaking views. Originally crafted by renowned architect Mims Jackson, Jr. as his personal residence, this elevated site was thoughtfully chosen for unparalleled privacy and captivating vistas to the north and south. This is the latest project by Andreas Larsson, the founder of HabHouse, renowned for his meticulous architectural property rehabilitations in Los Angeles.

Living room of the Studio City Mid Century Modern home By Architect Mims Jackson Jr.

The structure itself seems to extend towards the panoramic views of the city below, reaching across the expansive San Fernando Valley. This engaging dialogue between the house and its surroundings reaches a dramatic crescendo in the living area—a space that seems to be alive with architectural drama. An imposing brick fireplace, with its lengthy hearth, serves as the anchor, grounding the room with its robust presence. Classic mid-century details, such as a mitered glass corner window and spider leg beam work overhead, celebrate all there is to love about the era.

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Beverly Hills Mid Century house by Robert Kennard

For the first time since 2001, the iconic Sommers House is back on the market. This Beverly Hills mid century house is an expression of design that was created in 1954 by the renowned architect Robert Kennard. Kennard was a trailblazer in his own right, standing as a towering figure in the second generation of notable African-American architects, drawing significant inspiration from the legendary Paul Williams. Much like Williams, Kennard was a native of Los Angeles and chose this vibrant city as the birthplace of his architectural firm in 1957. Initially, he dabbled in residential design, demonstrating his mastery over form, space and aesthetics in every project he undertook. From the late 50s to the early 60s, Kennard’s creative genius birthed around 40 residences, each one a testament to his stylistic flair for design.

Living room of  the Sommers home, a Beverly Hills mid century house by Robert Kennard.

Meticulously restored by the design firm Marmol Radziner, the home spreads over a generous 3,322 square feet, offering four spacious bedrooms and four luxurious bathrooms. Upon entering, you’re greeted by an open floor plan, the hallmark of Kennard’s design, allowing natural light to flood in through the panels of glass. Wood paneling lines the interior space, lending an unmistakably mid-century feel to the overall design.

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Glendale Mid Century Modern House by David A. Lopez

This exquisite Glendale mid century modern house by architect David A. Lopez, 1954, seamlessly blends sleek design, with organic elements and the allure of outdoor living. The residence showcases all there is to love about mid century design. Clean lines, expansive windows an open floor plan and an expansive pool create the ultimate oasis just minutes from the heart of Los Angeles.

The open living, dining room and kitchen, with vaulted ceilings and post and beam construction, complement the slump stone fireplace with a raised hearth. The lofty construction combines with classic clerestory windows to celebrate all there is to love about mid century architecture and design. The interior space expands into the outdoors with views of the sparkling pool and lush greenery beyond.

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Crestwood Hills Mid Century House by A. Quincy Jones and Whitney Smith

The Stoleroff House – 1950, a masterpiece of mid-century modern design, stands as a testament to the architectural brilliance of A. Quincy Jones and Whitney Smith, both renowned modernist architects of their time. Situated within Crestwood Hills HOA, formerly the Mutual Housing Association, this Crestwood Hills mid century house embodies the essence of mid-century modern living and enjoys views of the Pacific Ocean.

Open floor plan living room of a Crestwood Hills mid century house by architect A. Quincy Jones

With its clean lines, integration with nature, and emphasis on functionality and simplicity, the Stoleroff House truly reflects this iconic design movement. A bold geometric fireplace serves as a strong focal point to the open plan design. With its clean lines and sharp angles, this eye-catching design element perfectly complements the aesthetics of mid-century design.

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South Pasadena Mid Century Modern home by Miller Fong

This single-story South Pasadena Mid Century Modern home, designed by the esteemed architect Miller Fong, exemplifies the enduring allure of mid-century modern design. With its sleek lines, generous use of natural light, and seamless integration of indoor and outdoor spaces, this architectural gem embodies the quintessential elements of the period. Every detail, from the tastefully appointed interiors to the manicured exterior landscapes, echoes a harmonious blend of aesthetics and function, preserving the integrity of this timeless style.

The post-and-beam construction throughout the home not only reinforces the structural integrity but also adds an element of dramatic design to the space. This structural element accentuates the high ceilings and amplifies the sense of spaciousness. Complementing the home’s open floor plan, the construction seamlessly integrates form and function, creating an interplay of light and shadow and adding depth and intrigue to the interior spaces.

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