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Richard Neutra Homes for Sale | Austrian born architect, Richard Neutra (1892-1970), helped define modernism in Los Angeles, becoming one of the most highly sought after and significant architects of the International Style in North America in the 30s, 40s and 50s.

Simple geometry, flat-roof lines, airy steel and glass structures, ribbon windows with panoramic views along with a connection to the environment defined Neutra’s architectural language. Establishing himself in Los Angeles in 1925, Neutra’s designs appeared along Sunset Boulevard, Mulholland Drive, Santa Monica Beach and Palm Springs. Working mostly for writers, producers, directors and actors connected to Hollywood and the film industry, Neutra’s vision of a modern city was realized. If you are interested in finding an architectural property contact Beyond Shelter. We are happy to help you find current and off-market Richard Neutra homes for sale.



Rare Woodland Hills Richard Neutra Home - The J.N. Baldwin House

Rare Woodland Hills Richard Neutra Home – The J.N. Baldwin House is a prime example of how form follows function to create a truly unique living experience. Sited on a private hilltop and accessed by a long, curved driveway, the home is designed to maximize privacy and capture panoramic treetop vistas.

Neutra’s signature ribbon windows are an integral part of the design, allowing natural light to flood into the living spaces while framing picturesque views. The living room flows seamlessly into the view deck, making it easy to step outside and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

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Hollywood Hills Architectural Home. Richard Neutra Loring House

The Richard Neutra Loring House is about as good as it gets. Built in 1958, this boxcar-style mid-century modern is an ultra-stylish Hollywood Hills oasis. Set in lush tropical landscaping with a grassy lawn and spectacular views it is a pristine example of Neutra’s work. This architectural home was originally designed for dancer and choreographer Eugene Loring.

Richard Neutra Loring House living room. Architectural Home interior

The light-filled interior space offers floor-to-ceiling glass and sliding panels, welcoming in the day. Neutra’s structural element, a skeleton of light steel, allow for open plan living and linkage with the landscape.

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Richard Neutra Auerbacher Home in Redlands

Richard Neutra Auerbacher home comes to auction. For purveyors of mid century modern architecture, Neutra’s design is at the top of the list. A rare opportunity to bid on the historic Auerbacher residence in Redlands, CA. In 1951, Frederick and Mary Jane Auerbacher commissioned Neutra, a friend of the couples, to design and build their home on a site overlooking the Redlands Country Club with views of the surrounding San Bernardino mountains. The home is believed to be the only Neutra property still in the same family that commissioned it.

Living rooom of Richard Neutra Auerbacher Home in Redlands

The open plan living room features wood wall paneling, tongue and groove Redwood ceilings and signature sliding floor to ceiling glass panels. The room was first conceived to be a functional space, large enough to hold small concerts and in which to teach music lessons. The sale of the property will include all the original furniture Neutra either designed or specified for the house.

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The Shaarman House by Admired Architect
Richard Neutra, AIA

The Shaarman House, a true architectural masterpiece brought to life by the esteemed architect Richard Neutra, AIA in 1951. Nestled on an exclusive flat ridge top, this home stands as a testament to Neutra’s vision and craftsmanship. It seamlessly blends modern design with a deep reverence for the natural surroundings, creating a living experience that’s both luxurious and harmonious.

This artful residence is tucked away above Mulholland, in a peaceful cul-de-sac where the hustle and bustle of city life seem like a distant memory. Offering unobstructed panoramic views of the surrounding mountains, it’s a serene oasis that whispers tales of its previous owner, the legendary Michael Crichton, the brilliant mind behind the timeless masterpiece, Jurassic Park.

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Crestwood Hills Richard Neutra Mid Century Modern Home

Crestwood Hills Richard Neutra home

Crestwood Hills Richard Neutra Mid Century Modern home, The Sale Residence – 1960, is sited in the “utopian” enclave of expressive architecture known as, Crestwood Hills. Architects, Neutra, A. Quincy Jones, Whitney R. Smith and Craig Ellwood all contributed work to this cooperative development which brought about “good design and economical construction to moderate-income housing…” With interest in the project coming from musicians, artists and faculty members at UCLA, the growing group incorporated as the Mutual Housing Association in 1946.

Crestwood Hills Richard Neutra house

Neutra’s signature floor-to-ceiling sliding glass walls, paneled walls and custom cabinetry highlight the interior space.

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