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Imagine beautifully handcrafted artisanal furniture made from sustainably grown reforested wood – maker Masaya & Co is one of those unique brands making a difference. Based in the lush Central American country of Nicaragua their furniture products are purposely made with wood grown in reforestation projects coordinated through their sister company Maderas Sostenibles, which has been working diligently to convert deforested land into productive plantations for over 9 years. They have planted more than 1 million trees in that time, working with local farmers and growing trees on deforested cattle lands, capturing carbon and replenishing landscapes.

Masaya & Co hand crafted artisanal furniture. Sustainable Furniture From Seed To Seat

The Future Looks Bright

Masaya & Co is vertically integrated and believes that wood is the best renewable building material from the nursery to the sawmill to the finished product. Precious hardwoods such as teak, mahogany, pochote, rosewood, and Spanish cedar possess shorter growth cycles and higher market prices than northern timbers, making them a more sustainable option for the future. The company is passionate about its work and committed to reversing the effects of unregulated deforestation. Many times, forests are clear-cut without thought or environmental consideration; cost and profit become the driving factors. Masaya & Co is focused on creating beautiful elements for living while preserving the environment for future generations.

Photo: Masaya & Co

Renewable Prefab Homes

Masaya Homes, a subsidiary of their company focuses on prefabricated dwellings. ADU’s (Accessory Dwelling Units), art studios, guest houses and work-from-home spaces that are beautifully designed. The homes are completely constructed of teak, a renewable resource that can be cultivated and naturally replenished without damaging the forest. Most of the species of wood used by Masaya & Co can be planted and harvested multiple times during a human life span, making it an ideal building material for prefabricated units. There are currently 6 models available, from the 120-square-foot Studio Uno to the expansive 1200-square-foot Sonoma model. The entire structure including floors, wall cladding, doors and millwork is constructed from sustainably grown teak.

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Looking for a way to brighten up your home for the changing season? There’s no better way to add a pop of paradise to your interior than with tropical wallpaper. Maybe it’s the vivid colors or the patterns of flowing palm leaves and fronds, or perhaps because it makes you feel like you’re on an exotic getaway. Whatever the reason, looking at these designs can transport you to a far-flung island retreat, even from your own home. Whether you want to create a bold statement, inspiration, or simply add a touch of vivaciousness to your home, tropical wallpaper is the perfect design solution. There are endless possibilities when you incorporate this trend into your home decor. Designs ranging from verdant swaying palms and vibrant florals to understated linework, each make their own unique statement. And best of all, tropical wallpaper can be used in any room – from the living room to the bedroom and beyond. There’s no limit to what you can do. It pairs perfectly with black and white photography. It can add some major drama by amping up a smaller space like a powder room – cover every wall with it.

Tropical Wallpaper - Martinique banana leaf pattern

Bring Classic Hollywood Glamour To Your Walls

A star is born, and one wallpaper has become synonymous with classic Hollywood glamour. A classic print with green fronds and vibrant colors, the Martinique banana leaf pattern, was designed by decorator Don Loper in 1942. This famous wallpaper has taken center stage at The Beverly Hills Hotel since its’ installation. The design was heavily influenced by iconic decorator Dorothy Draper’s Brazilliance, another banana leaf design created for the Arrowhead Springs Hotel in California. Model Margaux Hemingway was famously photographed in front of the Martinique print at the hotel in 1975. More recently, the print made an appearance in the film The Aviator, where it was splashed across the walls of Howard Hughes’ bathroom (played by Leonardo DiCaprio). It also appeared on a Mariah Carey album cover, in the tv show Friends, on the Golden Girls television show and in many celebrities’ homes. Today the pattern is available in five colorways from Chelsea Lane & Company. Bring it home and create your own tropical paradise.

Create A Stylish And Vibrant Interior With This Fun Print

This bold graphic print wallpaper will infuse any room with trendy tropical vibes. The Fan Palm design by Sanderson can be used on an accent wall or clad on all walls including the ceiling. The statement-making botanical motif comes in four colorways, Charcoal/Gold, Linen/Gliver, shown here, Botanical Green and Rhodera/Gliver and is available at Wallpaper Direct.

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Los Angeles’ character-filled classic homes are the perfect place to introduce handmade art tiles into the design mix. Motawi Tileworks, based in Ann Arbor Michigan, specializes in Art Nouveau, Arts and Crafts and Midcentury Modern aesthetics – in addition to being licensed to produce tile based on the work of Frank Lloyd Wright. These colorful, hand-glazed tile, are created using the centuries-old Cuenca technique, in which glazes are carefully filled into the basins created by raised lines on the surface of the tile. Imagine a fireplace in a Los Feliz Tudor or Hancock Park Craftsman accented with one of the botanical or animal tile designs below. A Silver Lake Midcentury Modern kitchen with a graphic tile backsplash, or an Angelino Heights Victorian bathroom with a pedestal sink and tile clad walls, simply superb!

handmade art tiles

This bold botanical Arts and Crafts design would look right at home in a Craftsman bungalow or classic Victorian era property. Available in three colorways, blue, red and orange.

Influenced by classic patterns of Midcentury design, the Hourglass tile comes in Citrus, China Blue, Stone and Avocado. Makes the perfect kitchen backsplash border accent.

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Colorfully Chic Concrete Basins and Sinks

Utilizing the robust material, concrete, which combines the organic characteristics of natural stone with the ability to be cast in a variety of shapes and sizes – Kast’s founder Tim Bayes has been working with this distinctive “liquid stone” for more than 20 years. Kast’s range of customizable concrete basins are colorful showstoppers anywhere they are used. Manufactured just a couple of miles from UK’s famous Sherwood Forest, the factory is also home to a research and development facility where pigments, admixtures and casting processes are explored and fine-tuned. Suitable for the most discerning client, these beautiful basins can be used in historic or contemporary environments where the creative craft of custom design is celebrated. These basins are expertly created by experienced craftspeople and can be delivered throughout the world in a matter of days.

These concrete basins are expertly created by experienced craftspeople

Elm Mini in Ember |  The vivid hue of this compact basin adds pop to any powder room or bath. Suitable for wall or surface mounting, it is sure to steal the show where ever it is showcased.

Luna in White | Stunning semi-circular wall or surface mounted basin with a refined fluted edge that would make any pastry chef proud. Pair it with a black or gunmetal tap and greet each morning with a smile.

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Witch and Watchman’s Whimsical World

Wallpaper can quickly shift the mood in an interior space, creating a world that wraps around you like an experiential blanket. Witch and Watchmen, founded by artist/designer Helen Wilson hand paints each of her amazing designs in oil on canvas before the final product is digitally reproduced onto wallpaper and fabric. Her inspiration comes from Film Noir, think Sunset Boulevard and Citizen Kane – as well as classic Hollywoods’ theatrical mansions and midnight gardens with overgrown lush greenery. A seriously striking statement to customize your Los Angeles home…

Witch and Watchman animal wallpaper

Amazonia Dark Wallpaper | The vivid colors of this wallpaper, make you feel as though you are walking through the Amazon on a dark moody night, you can almost hear the sounds of the owls and peacocks… just listen.

Witch and Watchman Elysian Palms Pink Wallpaper

Elysian Palms Pink Wallpaper | Lush tropical palms and flowering plants, like orchids and anthuriums, wind their way upwards reaching for the sky on a playfully pink background.

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