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Pierre Koenig Homes for Sale | Even as a young boy, Pierre Koenig (1925-2004) displayed a keen interest in architecture. His family moved from San Francisco to Southern California (San Gabriel). His education was put on hold, eventually joining the army and serving on the front lines in France and German during World War II. After the war, he applied to the University of Southern California School of Architecture, for which there was a two-year waiting list with all of the returning GI’s. USC was the leading architectural school in California and the entire country was a hotbed of new ideas brought about by the ending of the war. Graduating from USC in 1952, Koenig set forth to practice his craft, working as a draftsman for Raphael Soriano, who shared his interest in steel.

New industrialized materials, changing social ideals and the Los Angeles population boom created the perfect starting point for Koenig’s’ creative mind. In 1957 John Entenza invited him to participate in the Case Study Program, with the design of Case Study #21 (the Bailey House), followed quickly by Case Study #22 (the Stahl House), Koenig immediately garnered attention and defined his style – steel construction, open planning, large expanses of glass and an emphasis on the unity of nature and architecture. Many believe Case Study #22, constructed on what was known as an “unbuildable” lot, is the finest manifestation of modernity of all the Case Study Houses and one of the most visually stunning properties in all of Los Angeles. If you are looking for a special architectural property, contact Beyond Shelter. We are happy to help you find current and off-market Pierre Koenig homes for sale.



Pacific Palisades Mid Century Modern house by Architect Pierre Koenig

Pacific Palisades Mid Century Modern house by Architect Pierre Koenig. The Beagles House built in 1963, is an iconic property in the hills of Pacific Palisades. The simple geometric volumes that define the home exhibit the essential character-defining mid century modernism. With breathtaking ocean views stretching from the Palisades to Palos Verdes and beyond to Catalina Island, the property embodies all that is southern California living.

Ocean view from the Beale House. Pacific Palisades Mid Century Modern house by Architect Pierre Koenig

This fine example of mid-century modern architecture is truly a work of art. The home is in pristine original condition, left just as the architect intended, celebrating all of the design elements Koenig envisioned for the space. It remains a timeless masterpiece that feels as fresh and modern today as it did when it was first built.

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La Canada Mid Century Home
by Pierre Koenig – The Squire House 1953

La Canada Mid Century Home

This La Canada Mid Century home is a unique illustration of master modernist Pierre Koenig’s early work.
Built in 1953, the Squire House exemplifies his experimental structural steel system and palette of industrial materials that he later used for his famed Case Study houses #21, 1958, and #22, 1959.

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The Bailey House Pierre Koenig Case Study 21

Bailey House Pierre Koenig Case Study 21

The Bailey House Pierre Koenig Case Study 21 house, perched above the famed Sunset Strip.

Built between 1956-58 the house was designed on a north and south axis in order to maximize sunlight in the winter and screen it out during the summer.

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Private Pierre Koenig Brentwood Home
Residence of Legendary Architect

Pierre Koenig Brentwood Home

Stunning Pierre Koenig Brentwood Home, the residence of legendary architect Pierre Koenig, FAIA, hits the market for the first time.

Koenig the ‘Rock Star’ of mid-century modernism and genius behind Case Study Houses #21 and #22, two of the most photographed and chronicled modern homes of that time.

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