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Rudolph Schindler Homes for Sale | Austrian-born American architect Rudolph Schindler (1887-1953), was one of the master architects who defined Modern architecture in Southern California. Schindler was considered a bit of a maverick, his colorful charm and renegade reputation added to his mystique.

Frank Lloyd Wright had the biggest influence on Schindler’s work. Many of his Los Angeles area commissions came from middle-class intellectuals. He considered himself “the first and still one of the few architects who consciously abandoned stylistic sculptural architecture in order to develop space as a medium of art.” Schindler built several stunning single and multi-family dwellings in the Los Angeles area. If you are looking for a special architectural property contact Beyond Shelter. We are happy to help you find current and off-market Rudolph Schindler homes for sale.



Living room of The Karl Howenstein Residence, remodeled by R.M. Schindler

For the first time since its inception, this residential restoration opportunity comes to the market! The Karl Howenstein Residence, remodeled by R.M. Schindler, is an extraordinary property located in the Monterey Hills area of South Pasadena. Thoughtfully sited on four solid line parcels and perched on top of a promontory, the home offers awe-inspiring views from nearly every room, with a unique focus on urban beauty and natural grandeur.

The light-filled residence becomes its own compass and sundial as the day’s light traverses throughout the interior. From the secluded private driveway to the expansive vistas of the Los Angeles skyline, mountaintops, and valleys, you will be mesmerized by the beauty of this architectural gem steeped in California’s modernist history.

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The Goodwin House – 1941
Rudolph M. Schindler, Architect

The Goodwin House by Rudolph M. Schindler

The Goodwin House – 1941 by Rudolph M. Schindler, Architect.

The Goodwin House | Living Room

This R.M. Schindler Mid Century Modern Studio City home has been lovingly restored with no expense spared.

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Westwood – The Tischler Residence by R.M. Schindler

Tischler Residence by R.M. Schindler

The Tischler Residence by R.M. Schindler, 1949-1950, part of the Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monument #506.
Tischler Residence by Rudolph Schindler

Westwood Mid Century Modern Home by Rudolph Schindler. This remarkable residence is on the market for the first time since its completion in 1950. R.M. Schindler’s article “Visual Techniques” discussed the subjects of “color plasticity, translucency, reflectors and light.”

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