Historic Los Feliz Italianate Spanish Home designed by Charles Raymond Spink

The Spitzer House, 1924, is a splendid testament to Los Feliz’s rich architectural heritage. This iconic historic Los Feliz Italianate Spanish home is not just a structure but a living narrative, full of classic tales of a bygone era. Its grandeur lies in its finely crafted design, a work of art that preserves the genius of its architect, Charles Raymond Spink. Spink’s creative vision brought Hollywood’s Golden Age to life within the walls of this home. The Italianate architecture, with a subtle nod to the Spanish Colonial Revival movement, seamlessly integrates into the Southern California landscape.

The Spitzer House’s meticulously planned layout results in impeccable proportions and scale. Original design elements include finely forged iron light fixtures, intricate decorative moldings, and exquisitely preserved tile. Yet, these historical elements blend seamlessly with modern amenities, resulting in an updated floor plan that caters to contemporary lifestyles. This harmonious fusion of the old and new encapsulates the residence’s dialog, making it a statement of architectural grandeur and a comfortable, luxurious home tailored for today’s living.

The architectural journey through the Spitzer House continues with its gracefully arched doorways, which serve as inviting portals to the various living spaces. The multitude of decorative arches are more than structural elements; they are echoes of a romantic era woven into the very fabric of the house. The classical influences in the design further elevate the aesthetic appeal, reminding us of the timeless beauty of ancient architecture.

Remodeled kitchen in a Historic Los Feliz Italianate Spanish Home-Charles Raymond Spink

The heart of the Spitzer House is its freshly renovated, stunning bespoke kitchen. Outfitted with top-tier Waterworks fixtures and Devol hardware, the kitchen exhibits unparalleled craftsmanship and detail. Lighting from The Urban Electric Company accentuates the exquisite blend of functionality and aesthetics. At the center of the kitchen stands an oversized island. This feature serves as a practical workstation and as a gathering focal point, embodying the essence of a home’s heart. Finalizing the perfect blend of historic charm and modern convenience, the kitchen is equipped with state-of-the-art appliances from renowned manufacturers Wolf, Sub Zero, and Miele.

As you step into the Spitzer House, you are greeted by the expansive foyer, a grand entryway that sets the tone for the rest of the residence. Characterized by soaring ceilings, the foyer imbues a sense of grandeur. The skillful use of architectural elements, such as the striking chandelier, architectural columns, and the grand staircase, further amplifies the space’s volume.

Historic Los Feliz Italianate Spanish Home with outdoor patio by Charles Raymond Spink

The gardens, curated with established plants, cocoon the property in an embrace of lush greenery. One of the most enchanting features of the house is the framed views of the famed Griffith Park Observatory. Each strategically placed window offers a unique vantage point, turning the Observatory into a stunning, ever-present backdrop to life within the Spitzer House.

Further amplifying the allure of these outdoor spaces is a cozy fire pit, inviting intimate gatherings or large-scale entertaining. An outdoor shower is discreetly tucked away, allowing for refreshing, open-air rinse-offs after a swim. This thoughtful interplay between the Spitzer House’s interiors and its outdoor spaces captures the very essence of California living.

The glamorous resort-style swimming pool is a shimmering oasis that invites you to escape the city. From sun-drenched poolside lounging to twilight swims under a starlit sky, the Spitzer House offers an extraordinary outdoor living experience. With his visionary approach, Charles Raymond Spink created the ultimate California living experience by meticulously focusing on the seamless connection between the interiors of the Spitzer House and its outdoor spaces. This fluidity of design ensures that the expansive grounds and gardens become not just a backdrop, but an integral part of this esteemed residence. Cloaked in the soft, dappled light that filters through the mature trees, the outdoor spaces offer an idyllic setting for relaxation and entertainment.

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Listing Courtesy of Michael Maguire and Victoria Massengale, Compass