Majestic, marvelous, magnificent, all perfect words to describe the wonderful world of artist Jean-Marie Fiori. Born in 1952 in Limoges, France, Fiori graduated from the National School of Fine Arts (École Nationale des Beaux-arts) in Paris. As a sculptor, he creates remarkably charismatic pieces that blend functional and non-functional art disciplines. One is hard-pressed not to have a smile on their face when viewing his impressive work. Fiori’s sculptural pieces, a blend of emotion and aesthetic beauty, also serve a purpose in the form of chairs, benches, tables, lamps, and other decorative objects. He is a master at creating works that make us feel something, that move us to see the fascinating world of Animalia in a new way.

Jean Marie Fiori Taureau

BANC “TAUREAU”-BULL BENCH, 2007 (patinated bronze – 33.5”w x 96.5”l x 11”h)

Formerly a painter, Fiori is now devoted to sculpture and, more specifically, the representation of animals in reinterpreted ways. He works in alabaster and marble by way of direct carving and has also perfected his process of working in bronze. Fiori’s sculptures are not just art; they are messages that speak to us. His passion and dedication to his craft are evident in every piece he creates.

CANDELABRA, 2010 (patinated bronze, edition of 25 – 66.5”h x 15″w) | CHIMNEY, 2003 (patinated bronze, edition of 8+4AP – 49.2”h x 51.2″w x 15.4″d)

Fiori’s sculptures are beautiful and captivating. His realistic creatures come to life with whimsical details like curling horns, long tusks, or dramatically outstretched wings. Every piece is carefully crafted by hand from high-quality materials, bringing a charismatic and humorous air to his inspiring pieces. Whether it’s an elephant, deer, falcon, or lion, Jean Marie Fiori’s works capture the beauty and spirit of the animal kingdom, inviting us to explore their worlds with awe and wonder.

HORSE, 2004 (patinated bronze – 23”l x 23”h x 9.5”d) | FRENCH BULLDOG, 2006 (patinated bronze – 12.5”l x 13”h x 6.75”d) | CAT JARDINIERE, 2020 (patinated bronze – 22”h x 17.7”l)

Jean Marie Fiori’s bronzes showcase his unique and inspiring take on the decorative arts. His signature pieces, crafted with stylish elements and clean lines, are charming and humorous. From falcons to horses, each piece is an extraordinary work of art that speaks to the imagination. Inspired by medieval bestiaries and Aristotle’s Historia Animalium, Fiori captures the beauty of nature in an unprecedented way.

SUMER CABINET, 2019 (patinated bronze, ash wood, edition of 8+4AP – 73.6”h x 45.3”l x 13.4”d)

In 2010, Jean-Marie Fiori was selected by the Chinese Official Committee of World Expo in Shanghai to design a grouping of five benches. Inspired by traditional Chinese symbols, he reinterpreted the turtle, bull, tiger, buffalo, and duck to create a series of functional fantastical animal benches.

Jean Marie Fiori Doge Table

DOGE TABLE, 2021 (patinated bronze, edition of 8 – 53.5”w x 21”h x 34”d)

Fiori’s modern-day bestiary looks to be pulled from a compendium popular in the Middle Ages with an oh-so-modern twist on the animal kingdom. His work is a prized possession among art collectors worldwide, and his pieces can be purchased through Galerie Dumonteil and Twenty First Gallery and noteworthy auction houses.