John Lautner's Garcia House set above the Hollywood Hills

John Lautner’s Garcia House is an iconic representation of the mid-century modern movement. The home’s spectacular geometries, retro-futuristic design and illustrious history make it a destination of world-class architectural significance.

Built in 1962 for the renowned jazz musician, conductor and composer Russell Garcia and his wife Gina; the home is also known as the Rainbow House in part from its vibrant stained-glass windows, curvilinear shape and steel caissons that lift the residence 60 feet above the lush canyon beneath.

This modern architectural spacecraft stands as a testament to the innovative vision of its architect John Lautner. It rests atop two large V-shaped supports, giving it an airborne appearance and adding to the lightness and sense of whimsy associated with this unique structure.

In 2002, the new owners worked tirelessly to carefully restore the building’s iconic features, windows and façade to accurately reflect its original form. Architectural firm Marmol Radziner and interior designer Darren Brown were brought in to keep the house as faithful to its intended design as possible.

Key elements, such as window size, wall heights and interior layouts, were all kept in line with the architect’s original vision. Great attention was given to restoring the lava rock entryway, original terrazzo flooring, signature parabolic roof, and the 55-foot wall of windows keeping the home’s mid-century modern aesthetic and spirit of openness.

Iconic John Lautner's Garcia House

Landscape architect John Sharp’s design for the garden is a stunning demonstration of his skill and vision. The winding steps that lead down into the garden bring one to an oasis of lush foliage, the botanicals growing along the hillsides are otherworldly. Each specimen has its own unique features and characteristics, ranging from ancient leafy varieties to rare cactus and agave plants that thrive in full-sun climates. Built in 2008, the elliptical-shaped pool was a stunning addition to the house, seamlessly blending with Lautner’s design. It was part of Lautner’s original vision but never built by the Garcias. A once in a lifetime opportunity to purchase one of Los Angeles’ most iconic mid century structures.

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Listing Courtesy of Aaron Kirman, Weston Littlefield and Dalton Gomez, AKGRE inc.