The Avenel Cooperative Housing Complex by Gregory Ain

The Avenel Cooperative Housing Complex is a 10-unit project in Silver Lake designed by the notable architect Gregory Ain. The goal of the original project was to provide housing that was modern, affordable, and was cooperatively owned. A group of 10 families pooled their resources and purchased a piece of land on a gentle hillside. They hired Gregory Ain to design a garden apartment complex in the International style. The finished project was a modernist masterpiece, with clean lines, functional living space and an open layout.

Living room of a unit in The Avenel Cooperative Housing Complex by Gregory Ain.

Ain’s vision was for an open and flexible plan that would allow reconfiguration of space to meet the changing needs of families. He achieved this by using pocket doors and glass walls that allowed for closing off a room and bringing the feel of the outside in. His design was a departure from the traditional closed-off rooms at the time, and it had a profound impact on the way people lived in their homes.

The unit’s 2022 restoration by architect Michael Folonis, FAIA includes a custom kitchen, custom cabinetry, stainless steel appliances, a new laundry room and a newer HVAC system.

The clever design of the unit, with a pocket door separating the bedrooms, is aesthetically pleasing yet functional. Ain allows for maximum flexibility, whether you’re using one of the bedrooms as an office space, a guest room, or simply want to create more of an open concept feel in your home.

The private garden deck is the perfect spot for outdoor living. It’s spacious enough to function as a second living room, with plenty of room for a seating area and a separate dining area. It’s also intimate enough to create a cozy atmosphere for entertaining or simply enjoying the Silver Lake views.

The Avenel Cooperative Housing Complex is now a landmark and listed on the National Register of Historic Places. This architectural gem is an excellent example of International meets Mid-Century Modern architecture, and its functional layout and design make it one of the most unique housing developments in the country. The complex is located in a prime location near trendy shopping, dining, and entertainment.

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Listing Courtesy of Barry Gray, Deasy/Penner & Partners