Charlotte Perriand | Functional and Fantastique

Charlotte Perriand, born in Paris in 1903, is deemed one of the most important furniture designers of the mid 20th century. At the age of 24, she produced a number of critically acclaimed pieces of furniture constructed from anodized aluminium and chromium-plated steel that drew the attention of Le Corbusier and Pierre Jeanneret. She began a working relationship with them which lasted until 1937. They worked together to create buildings where the line between interior furnishings and the exterior form didn’t exist.
Charlotte Perriand Bloc Cabinet

Perriand’s forward thinking Bloc Cabinet c.1958 is constructed of oak with two enameled steel doors which conceal three adjustable shelves.
Charlotte Perriand tubular steel and leather chairs

In the 1960’s Charlotte Perriand was contracted to design and develop the French ski resort ‘Les Arcs’, emphasizing practical use of small spaces and open living plans. These tubular steel and leather chairs were designed for the project and became know as Les Arc chairs.
Charlotte Perriand desk lamp

This french modernist desk lamp was commissed by Jumo c.1950.

Bold geometry is seen in this Charlotte Perriand designed bench with drawer, c.1958. Constructed of metal and laminated wood it boasts classic Mid-Century modern design.

The CP-1 wall sconces in enameled steel, were also designed for Les Arcs ski resort. They highlight adjustable reflectors with optional horizontal or vertical mounting capabilities. The sconces’ are one of Perriands’ signature pieces.

Ms. Perriands’ ‘Cansado’ cabinet is a mahogany-veneered caisson fitted with four drawers and two sliding wood doors laminated with black and white melamine.

After World War II Perriand developed a new concept for the way of living by integrating the human dimensions into her productions. Conscious of economic and social realities, she achieved recognition with her pure and powerful style.