Gaetano Pesce | Italian Designer and architect – Italian Modern

Gaetano Pesce chair

Born in La Spezia, Italy, in 1939, Gaetano Pesce studied Architecture at the University of Venice between 1958 to 1963 and was a participant in Gruppo N, an early collective concerned with programmed art patterned after the Bauhaus.  In the “Nobody’s Royal” queen armchair made by Zerodesegno. A unique piece signed and dated. The body is composed of three panels handmade of polyurethane resins held together with black nylon pins.

Gaetano Pesce Nobody's Perfect Multi-Color Resin Sideboard

Nobody is perfect, very unique piece on this collection of antiques.

Gaetano Pesce vase

This vintage amazonia vase was for fish design in the 90’s.

This bookcase is part or the original custom build in floor to ceiling designed for a private residence in PARIS-France 1986.

Gaetano Pesce Room Divider

Model 901 room divider with tiltable yellow lacquered shelves manufactured by Bernini in 1982 (approx).

Why make the effort to get up off your sofa and go for a mountain hike when your sofa can BE the mountain hike?? Complete with refreshing waterfall…Designed by Gaetano Pesce in 2009.Pesce experience has been global, his innovations consistently groundbreaking. Boundaries between art, design and industry are irrelevant to him, as art is most certainly not something created and put on a pedestal: art is a product, it is our creative response to the needs of the time we live in.