Gaetano Sciolari | Light Up A Room With A Statement Making Sculptures

Mid century lighting designer, Gaetano Sciolari was the child of an Italian family that had been in the lighting business since 1892, almost since the time electricity had been invented. He designed on his own for Stilnovo in the 1950s – utilizing spherical bulbs, mixing brass with chrome, incorporating satin and polished metals to create unique stunning pieces. His designs have been described as refined, edgy and futuristic, always bringing a sultry coolness to any space.
Gaetano Sciolari sconces
These fabulous statement making glam Sciolari sconces bring polish to a dining room or master suite. Nickel-plated brass with crystal decorative glass details showcase Sciolari’s keen sense of design, c.1960s.
Gaetano Sciolari serial chandelier
Sciolari’s chrome spiral chandelier is comprised of 11 stacked square-form horizontal rods along a central axis, and utilizes 10 candelabra size chrome tipped bulbs, c.1975.
Gaetano Sciolari chandelier
This brass and steel chandelier showcases Sciolari’s ability to mix metals with panache. Brass, chrome and opaline glass make this fixture a stunning addition in a foyer or over a dining table, c.1970s.
Gaetano Sciolari pendant lamp
This sculptural Gaetano Sciolari flush mount pendant lamp can mount as a ceiling fixture or a wall sconce. Its geometry boasts six light fixtures on intersecting vertical and horizontal arms, c.1960s.

Another multi-functional fixture designed by Sciolari, it can be mounted to the ceiling or to the wall as a sconce. It’s intersecting rods highlight twelve chrome tipped bulbs creating a futuristic look, c.1960s.

This Italian chrome chandelier has three tiers of hanging chrome tubes with glass balls and eight lights in the center. A statement piece for an entry way or staircase, c.1960s.