Gilbert Rohde | Pioneer of Modern Design

Gilbert Rohde whose career as a furniture and industrial designer helped define American modernism is considered one of the Pioneers of Modern Design. This is a gorgeous 1930‘s American Modernist Art Deco Chair.Gilbert Rohde Moderne ClockStreamline Art Deco Clock designed for the Herman Miller Clock Company, circa 1933, was made for and exhibited at the 1933 World’s Fair.  It is considered one of the icons of American Art Deco Designed.These Deco chests were made for Herman Miller in 1934.

This outstanding desk was designed as part of the East Indian Laurel Series.  It finished in hand-polished lacquer.  The bold geometric hardware really takes this design to the next level.

Gilbert Rohde Deco Bookcase

His work with the Herman Miller Furniture Company transformed them from a failing period reproduction company to a leader in modern home and office design. In 1939, he introduced the first series of “modular” furniture, which placed pieces of the same height and depth together to form any wall of your choosing. This bookcase, in refinished East Indian Laurelwood, is from the series. It is as modern and practical today as the day it was introduced in 1939. The storage areas include two drawers, a closed cabinet, and the open shelving. All exposed sides have been refinished, and it displays beautifully.

Gilbert Rohde streamline cantilever chair

This ultimate streamline cantilever chair for Troy has such dynamic lines and it’s very comfortable.  It has great support and the cantilever design has a subtle bounce.  The leather is soft and pliable.  It is a very solid chair.