Ico Parisi: Objects of Beauty

Ico Parisi (1916-1996), a Sicilian born architect, was one of the most influential designers and visionaries to shape the look of the 1950s. Parisi had a fertile imagination and was considered somewhat of a Renaissance man, he was active in the areas of filmmaking, furniture, glass and jewelry design – as well as an artist and architect. He collaborated with his wife Luisa, who was a student of renowned architect and designer Gio Ponti throughout much of his career. The Parisi’s work contains no ornamentation but it is fluid and in constant motion, the sofa’s look as if they could walk out of the room. The curvilinear styling of their upholstered sofa’s and chairs appears fabulously sexy and unique. Parisi’s work epitomizes the modernist style of the early atomic age and has become highly collectible.

Ico Parisi chair

One of Ico and Luisa’s classic pieces, this lounge chair, model 865, c.1954 is constructed of upholstery, steel and brass. A similar model was included in the tenth Triennial in Milan in 1954.

Created as a important private commission, this walnut and fabric sofa was executed by Spartaco Brugnoli, Italy in the early 1950’s.
Ico Parisi lamp

Ico Parisi created this Brass and Frosted Glass Chandelier for Stilnovo, c.1949.

Lyrical movement and luxe comfort is showcased in this rare pair of Egg lounge chairs by Ico and Luisa Parisi. Designed in 1951, these chairs were produced by Cassina and are known as model no. 813.
Ico Parisi bar

This multifaceted sphere bar by Parisi, sits on a tripod base with three doors revealing a interior bar storage space. Constructed of mahogany, laminate and brass, this is a show stopping rare piece reflecting Parisi’s atomic age aesthetic.

This rare pair of sconces were designed by Parisi for Arteluce, c.1959. The dark grey metal frame boasts a frosted glass globe for a nice diffused light effect when illuminated. Known as model number 256.

The Parisi’s design style epitomized the modern Italian look of the 1950s. Ico and Luisa founded the design studio La Ruota, in Como in 1948 and their studio became a meeting place for collaborations between established artists and designers of the day.