Jacques Adnet: Luxurious Simplicity

Mid century modern designer, Jacques Adnet was an icon of luxurious French Modernism.  He attended École des Beaux-Arts in Paris and was inspired by pre-classical styles and his avant-garde take on traditional pieces. Adnet believed in the functional aspect of furniture combined with geometric simplicity above all else. His streamlined, mid century modernist designs emphasized luxurious materials – such as leather, chromed metals, mirror and precious woods. In 1950, Adnet formed a partnership with the French fashion house, Hermés, where he developed a collection of leather-covered furniture and interior accessories. His pieces look right at home in many styles of Los Angeles homes from classic mid century to historic Spanish, Tudor, Craftsman or Traditionals. One of his most iconic designs is the Adnet Mirror, a single circular pane hung from a leather strap. “What a lot of work to achieve simplicity,” he once said. During the 50s he received numerous commissions as the designer for private apartments of the President at the Elysée Palace and the meeting room of the UNESCO headquarters in Paris. Throughout his career, Jacques Adnet forged relationships with a team of noteworthy collaborators including Charlotte Perriand, George Jove, Alexandre Noll and Serge Mouille. Ultimately he is best known as a mid century designer who linked tradition and modernism with his inventive, elegant creations, defining himself as ‘innovative and classical, the champion of a tradition looking forwards.’
Jacques Adnet Armchair

This Adnet armchair is constructed of black leather, with a cantilevered back perched on an enameled steel base, from the early 1950s.

Adnet’s black bamboo desk has a central drawer with a gilded brass ring under a panel suspended over two saw horse splayed legs, in brass, steel and leather. Adnet’s design from the 1950s still influences desks designed today.

A superb example of Adnet’s modernist take on the traditional. This six-light chandelier combines classical with modern, in brass and gunmetal finish, c.1950’s
Jacques Adnet Rocking Chair

The rocking chair re-defined. Adnet’s leather and enameled steel rocker is yet another stunning example of his innovative interpretation of a classical piece, functional at the same time visually appealing, c.1950s.

An articulated desk lamp, this piece is a later addition to Adnet’s work. Manufactured in the 1960s, it is constructed of black leather, steel and boasts a  Perspex shade.
Jacques Adnet Mirror

His signature piece, the Adnet Mirror is a simple round leather mirror with brass hinges. Besides the remarkable leather and brass details, the mirror is also unique as the strap is in direct proportion to the dimensions of the mirror, c. 1950s.

This seven-light showstopping sconce from Adnet seems to channel the elements of fire and wind combined with a surreal take on a farm implement. Constructed of black painted wrought iron, there is a gilded metal star decorating the center, c.1950.

This showstopping decorative hook showcases Adnet’s signature look. The iron frame wrapped with saddle leather makes functional simply beautiful, c.1950s.