Nichols Canyon Mid Century Modern Home by Val Powelson

Val Powelson’s Astral Drive Residence is a fine example of a Nichols Canyon Mid Century Modern home. The home was designed by Powelson as his personal residence in 1954 and features clean lines, an open floor plan, and plenty of windows to let in the beautiful California sunshine. The home has been thoughtfully updated with a second story, with the original design intent still evident throughout.

Val Powelson designed Nichols Canyon Mid Century Modern Home

The home’s current owners have lived here for over 34 years, and they have always been committed to honoring Powelson’s vision while also upgrading and expanding the property in a sensitive modern way. Powelson’s light-filled style has floor-to-ceiling windows and a beamed tongue-and-groove ceiling. Views of greenery fill every room, and the backyard has a view west over the canyon.